Words from Jess

Growing up, I have been a pretty inquisitive human being – whether it’s because of my overprotective parents or my inborn quirky personality, who knows? But because of my curiosities, to this day, I still approach the world with a desire to learn, know, and grow.

But despite claiming being passionate about fashion design since childhood, I didn’t put much thought into my personal style during my adolescent years.

It would not be until I hit college when I began expressing myself through not just writing, but clothes as well. That was when I learned to experiment with different styles.ย So, although I was a late bloomer, I never stopped pursuing what I didn’t get to invest my time and energy in during my teen years, so as cliche as it sounds, it’s never too late to try!

As a result, I created Curiosity in Style in order to help guide, inspire, and empower young women to pursue their greatest curiosities.ย After all, their curiosities may end up being more important than they may think: their passions in life.

For general or business inquiries, please contact me at curiosityinstyle@gmail.com



12 thoughts on “Words from Jess

    • Jessica Nguyen says:

      Miss you, too!!! Thank you so much for the photos! My blog wouldn’t have looked this amazing if it hadn’t been for you!

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