VIDEO: curiosity in style X BeBuddha Jewelry, Summer 2015

Erin Leary, Founder of BeBuddha Jewelry, used her travels all over the world as inspiration for her passion in making jewelry. She finds unique elements (beads, pendants, metals and rings, etcetera) in order to create beautiful jewelry pieces that you can’t find anywhere else!

I’ve collaborated with BeBuddha Jewelry in order to present you a very special blog post series. Each week, I will be matching a themed look with several of Erin Leary’s pieces.

I would like to thank Erin Leary, the Founder of BeBuddha Jewelry, for having so much faith in me on this project. It means a lot that you were so enthusiastic about being on board with my project suggestions. I’ve learned so much from this collaboration and I hope you did as well. I love how we share a love for travel and how yours was able to be translated through your amazing jewelry collection. Your story of how you started BeBuddha is truly inspiring and I am so excited to see you continuing your beautiful work in the future! I wish you the best in everything.

Also, I’d like to thank Jessica Zissman, my photographer/videographer for everything. I would not have been able to work on this collaboration if it hadn’t been for you. You are a very talented photographer and I would not hesitate to work with you again if another opportunity arises in Chicago. With every photo shoot, you always never fail to surprise me with something new. I am really grateful to have you as a friend as well as my partner. You don’t know how much I’ve grown and learned from working with you. You are the best and I will miss you.

– Jessica Nguyen, curiosity in style
Instagram @ byjessicanguyen

Special thanks:

Erin Leary
Instagram @bebuddhajewelry

Jessica Zissman
Instagram @jessicanamssiz

YEYE – Tidal Wave
Alex Fitch – Daku

Program(s): Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop CS6

Work time: 10+ Hours

Location: Chicago, IL


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