american dream


you dream of a land of safety

as you risk your life baring oceans

so when you came here

your arms hugged the soil

that so hesitantly gave out hers in return

not knowing that

after breaking vows with her,

you would help give life to a child who

has no such dream

to stay on such artificial soil



you yelled at me for wanting to leave

afraid that your child will return

to the land where your fears lie



unlike you

I have no American dream

No dream to stay here

in this land of gold

for gold is not what I seek

but to return to what

used to be our soil

rich in the blood of our people



Do you miss it?

Our motherland, I mean.

Because I do.

Although I was never raised by her,

I dream of our nhà everyday –

for she is calling me,

“Về nhà đi con.”

to come back to her.

To come home.


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