They say that you can only love one person in life

But how can you say that you love one

When you can’t even say that you are one whole person yourself

That you need another person to be one

To me,

Love is not meant to be selfish,

with light impermissibly creeping in under shut doors

Love is not meant to be kept away

Caged in by the bars of society,

by the bars of heteronormativity

Don’t you see?

Love is free

Love is open

Love is all of you

And all of you are me

Parts of me

Wholes of me




I said love is not meant to be selfish,

Well, I am a big fucking hypocrite

Because I confess,

I want to keep all of you inside of me

As if you are the books I keep on my shelf

Shelf placed next to bed

Placed next to bed

next to me

next to me

With every chapter

There are pages left bookmarked to reread

Pages heavily annotated by your presences

Never enough for my greed

But you can carry books so far

Books can do you nothing when you are across lands

across ocean

They weigh you down

They are left behind on the shelf

Collecting dust

And no love deserves

to be left behind

to collect dust.


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