PROJECT: Kickstarter Launch – TANGOELLA Day to Dance

Why I chose to collaborate with TANGOELLA: My goal is to help Ella Tang empower women by making them feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin through this new and innovative dance-to-streetwear collection. I love how Ella makes it her mission to encourage women to embrace their femininity through fashion. #womenempowerment #embraceyourfemininity



For the past couple months, I’ve been working on a very special project for TANGOELLA and it’s now time for the big reveal!

I’ve collaborated with Ella Tang on preparing for the launch for her brand’s first ever Kickstarter campaign.


From Ella, Founder and Designer of TANGOELLA:

“The TANGOELLA signature style is sensual meets edgy.  Central to the TANGOELLA design are the elements of balance and proportion. Versatile timeless pieces introduce a rhythm that impacts the wardrobe. The philosophy of Tangoella is that clothing should make one feel effortlessly beautiful and empowered.”

“Day to Dance is the first clothing line to combine dancewear aesthetics with design for 24/7 comfort and multifunctional utility in mind. I have a vision of changing the way people think about clothing. If you are tired of yoga pants, I have the alternatives for you.

Below is the link to my campaign. If you like what you see, please make a pledge, spread the word and share the Day To Dance campaign with your friends and families and be part of this crowdfunding movement. With your support, our vision can be executed to bring the comfort-famished clothing to your wardrobe.”



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