DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY: #wocbeauty ft. Angela Law

This photo series is dedicated to highlighting women of color as the main characters of my themes. Oftentimes, the beauty we see in front of the lens do not truly reflect the diversity we see in the real world. This project is meant to introduce and normalize new meanings of what it means to be captured on camera as a woman. And how do you normalize beauty of women of color? You bring in new situations, new themes for them to showcase their beauty.

Each theme varies – some tell a story or while others provoke you to think critically. The rest are left for you to simply appreciate visually. Many thanks to my female friends of color. #wocbeauty

Sides of Me You Have not Seen ft. Angela Law

I was inspired to explore the idea of how a woman is perceived when she adopts outfits and poses traditionally deemed as masculine in society. The grainy texture of the photos acts a visual metaphor for how masculinity is expected to be portrayed: rough. But do notions of masculinity continue to exist when there appears even a slight degree of softness (i.e. the final photo)?

My objective for the second set was to not only address the topic of subversive gender representation, but also to incorporate intersectional elements of personal identity and heritage as well. How does personal history tie into how you choose to present yourself – and does it?


Project type: Photo shoot

Program: Adobe Lightroom

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T5 SLR

Project status: Complete

Work time: 5-10 Hours

Location: Northampton, Massachusetts

Styling and photography by Jessica Nguyen


6 thoughts on “DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY: #wocbeauty ft. Angela Law

  1. pangie223 says:

    Wow, what a beautiful post. I absolutely adore the idea behind it and I think it’s an incredibly creative way to convey a very powerful message. Amazing job!

  2. lolitaland says:

    This is a really cool project! I love the photos you have so far. You say that your project is ongoing; are you still working on editing photos from this shoot? Or are you planning to do future shoots as part of this project? Good luck with everything!

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