“Where is home?” is a question I often ask myself. And I use this particular collection of photos as an attempt to respond to it.  I dissociate aspects of my personal identity and instead focus in on simply visuals, textures, and scents to help define where home is for me.

Seeking Comforts

The idea of finding solace in solitude inspired my approach to this project, but keep in mind that in this context, solitude does not always mean physical isolation. The message that I am trying to inspire is that regardless of my physical environment, I am taking in feelings of warmth and indulgence in whatever I’m doing.

In other words, whether I am taking a walk by myself on a cold winter’s day or spending quality time in the company of others, I am appreciating the simple comforts of everyday life through my own lens.

Project type: Project assignment

Program(s): SilverFast 8

Camera: Asahi Pentax K1000, 35mm

Project status: Complete

Work time: 20+ Hours

Location: Northampton, MA

Photography and film development by Jessica Nguyen


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