I’ve Decided

As much as I appreciated so many people supporting me back when I first created my personal style blog, it has come to this point when I don’t want to continue it anymore (and even back then, I knew that I wouldn’t do this for the rest of my life).

Yes, not everybody will be interested in the topics that I will be discussing from now on but that doesn’t mean that these topics don’t deserve any less attention!

Honestly, I expected the decreasing engagement to happen, but I am proud to say that I never regretted making the decision about changing my website’s look and name. At the end of the day, I did this for myself – and that’s all that matters.

I hope that all of you will continue to follow my blog for the new content that don’t involve me posing in front of the camera and writing about what I wear all of the time. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with it. I just want to focus more on what really matters in my heart – both online and offline. And now is the perfect time for it.



2 thoughts on “I’ve Decided

  1. Chantal and Shekinah says:

    Hey Jess! I totally get what you are saying! I also recently changed my blog- I still wear lots of clothes and lots of pictures- vut nonetheless I changed my blog from what it use to be to something else, and I have noticed a decrease in responses. I guess we both are changing our blogs and that makes me relate to this post.

    Just to let you know, I have been a regular on your blog and will keep coming to check it out. I’m excited to see what’s coming! Write what ever matters in your heart! Love you girl!

    • Jessica Nguyen says:

      Oh, wow! Your comment is now the comment that made my day! Thank you so much for your love and support. It means a lot. I didn’t know that you’re a regular of mine, but now that I do, I feel even more motivated to write more. I am comforted to see that you have experienced what I am going through as well. But all in all, I hope you still find satisfaction and joy in your new changes. Love ya, too! Jess.

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