ALL IN THE DETAILS: The A to Z-Line Skirt


Although school is back in session, that shouldn’t stop you from dressing up when you’re out and about! I have to admit that there are days when I struggle to get out of bed and look into my closet to find pieces that don’t include either a T-shirt or a pair of jeans. Even if you want to keep your look simple and comfortable, I know that there are other fun ways to feel great while looking great all at once. READ MORE HERE.


12 thoughts on “ALL IN THE DETAILS: The A to Z-Line Skirt

  1. Cher|inthefoodlab says:

    I’ve been back from traveling for awhile now, however, I have NOT been dressing up at all… I’ve been throwing on t-shirts and jeans to work almost everyday that I can… this is a good reminder that dressing up is suppose to be FUN! a little bit more effort definitely puts me in a better mood, must start dressing up again tomorrow!

    • Jessica Nguyen says:

      Ha-ha, that’s okay. Dressing up doesn’t always have to take a lot of effort. My model for this post wanted to set a good example on how you can come up with an effortless fashionable look with just a few items! 🙂 Good luck with your personal styling goals!

      • Cher|inthefoodlab says:

        You’re always an inspiration to me Jess! Although I’m guilty of going out and spending quite a bit on my wardrobe yesterday XD can’t wait to style with the new pieces I got!

      • Jessica Nguyen says:

        It touches me deeply to know that I am always an inspiration to you! You, too are always an inspiration to me when it comes with your amazing recipes and food photos. Yes! So excited to know that you are having fun with the new pieces you bought! 😀

    • Jessica Nguyen says:

      My model got it from T.J. Maxx! There’s no link to the purse but you can always try to find it or similar style to it in store. Good luck!

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