How to Match: A Dress for the Fall

What to Wear with a Black Long-Sleeve Dress

Although fall is kicking in, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear a dress during the seasonal transition. To layer yourself in case of the incoming chill, wear a black, long-sleeve dress that’s made out of wool fabric and match it with the following outfit suggestions:

1) For a super casual hangout with your friends, throw on a beanie hat and a ripped, denim vest. Add a bit of glam with gold jewelry – even something as simple as a small stack of intricately designed bangles on your wrist can add a nice touch!

2) If you’re looking for a more conservative outfit, this soft, rubbish textured cardigan will provide the extra layer that you need. To carry all of your daily necessities, bring a handbag, the more simple and sophisticated it is, the better. Also, switch out your usual choice of footwear with light-colored tights and knee high boots!

3) A date night calls for a more sleek look, so don’t be afraid to pull a Audrey Hepburn and wear that pair of shades, girl! A quilted, moto jacket will keep you warm when you are out and about with your date. And of course, putting on a strappy pair of heels is practically a given when you’re dressing to impress.

Are you ready for the fall?

Stay curious.




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