Fall 2015 Trends: On the Runway

Can you believe this year is almost over and the winter chill is almost going to set in here? I’ve been taking note of this season’s runway photos and I have got to say that a lot of of the current trends have become my personal favorites.


1) THE PANTSUIT: There’s nothing sexier than wearing a pantsuit, especially if you’re a woman. With no words needed to be said, the pantsuit exudes class and confidence at the same time. Like in the words of Vogue, “has there ever been anything as cool and unapologetically femme as a lady in a chic suit? We think not.


2) ALL WHITE: This bold trend will always be a classic in my eyes.  It’s a clean, cut look and sends a powerful message to everybody that you are not afraid  to grab others’ attention with your fearless sense of style. According, to Fashionista.com,  wearing all white in the fall “looks fresh and crisp, especially when done in a well-tailored suit.


3) BOHO HATS: Boho hats were a huge hit and this summer and in my opinion, it’s a trend you can expect to carry into fall because of the versatile suede material. They’ll keep your head already warm and styled up for your next outing!


4) CHUNKY KNITS: I don’t know about you, but I constantly gravitate towards chunky knit sweaters as if there’s going to be a never-ending snow abomination (keep in mind that we’re still talking about fall trends). What’s so perfect about knits are that you can create an nice, effortless fall outfit from any of them. Even wearing with jeans will do!
Sometimes a gal just wants to cuddle up in the biggest sweater possible, right?


5) VICTORIAN-INSPIRED: Is anyone a fan of Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte? Well, it’s okay if you don’t, because you still can get a good feel of the Victorian era from looking at the snapped runway photos.  The modern vintage trend includes “high collars, ruffles, and lace all made an appearance as a nod to the era but bright colors, leather details, and sexy silhouettes subverted the traditionally buttoned-up look with some modern flair.MTI3MzczNDkzMzM0NTAzMzk0

6) FRINGE: Fall and fringe seem to be inseparable. Suede or leather fringe may be the laidback, boho touch or edgy detail that your outfit needs. Here’s a style tip that I found online: “take the fun embellishment into fall by pairing it with darker floral prints and neutral shades like black and tan.“Now, go experiment with some of these trends out there!

Stay curious.



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