BeBuddha Jewelry: Mixing Patterns

Erin Leary, Founder of BeBuddha Jewelry, used her travels all over the world as inspiration for her passion in making jewelry. She finds unique elements (beads, pendants, metals and rings, etcetera) in order to create beautiful jewelry pieces that you can’t find anywhere else!

I’ve collaborated with BeBuddha Jewelry in order to present you a very special blog post series. Each week, I will be matching a themed look with several of Erin Leary’s pieces.

For this outfit, I am wearing the LOS ANGELES EARRINGS, VERSAILLES THIN NECKLACE and BRACELET, and ONEOFAKIND BRACELET. Be sure to check what kinds of stones each piece contains and what special meanings each stone holds.

IMG_1298 copy

How do you spice up an outfit that only has neutral colors?

IMG_1161 copy

As someone who loves to wear solid pieces like there’s no tomorrow, it’s not a surprise to know that I have never mixed patterns before in my life… until now! Who knew that mixing patterns could be such a great styling tactic for neutral-colored pieces!

IMG_1205 copy

IMG_1208 copy

In order to preserve the mature, sophisticated look that I was aiming for, I selected simple, patterns that will tastefully complement each other. In terms of selecting the patterns, I made sure that neither piece’s design would be too “loud” or distracting enough to outshine the other. “Busy” prints won’t best reflect the spirit of a woman on the go because all she sometimes wants – besides a break, of course – is some simpleness in her life.

IMG_1259 copy

IMG_1260 copy

Once again, I adorned myself with several gold jewelry pieces from BeBuddha,  the VERSAILLES THIN NECKLACE and BRACELET. What I appreciate about the VERSAILLES pieces is that they have dainty, colorful charms made from actual gemstones stones and inspired by the colors of the Palace at Versailles. The colors added a new, subtle touch to the outfit.

IMG_1287 copy

Remember that personal challenge of mine in which I’m trying to become more versatile in the art of modeling? Well, it was definitely a challenge for this shoot at first. I intentionally assigned myself a different theme/style every week so that I can try new facial expressions, poses, hairstyles, and makeups for each look.


Having a face that is often mistaken to belong to a 15 year old, I had to find different ways to address the mature feel for this photo shoot, such as wearing sunglasses.  Luckily, my talented photographer, Jessica, suggested another simple method: moving to different locations.

IMG_1303 copy

IMG_1301 copy

When we shot it at the lower bridge, I realized how lighting (or in this case, the lack of lighting) greatly helped make me look older. The shadow created depth on my face, aging it a little.

IMG_1320 copy

I tied my hair up to add to this clean, polished look. I also did that so that people can see and admire my dangling, black LOS ANGELES TASSEL EARRINGS better, ha-ha (I actually got these earrings at the BeBuddha Launch Party last month!)!

IMG_1357 copy

I have to say, despite shooting this in shorts when the weather was cloudy, windy, and 50 degrees, the results came out better than I expected. I honestly am very grateful for this collaboration because I have learned so much as a model and was able to explore different parts of me from this past several photo shoots. I can’t wait to show all of you my last one…


LOS ANGELES EARRINGS: gold plated plastic spikes, freshwater pearls, black silk tassel, gold plated headpins, gold plated earring posts

VERSAILLES THIN NECKLACE: gold plated chain, gold plated spikes, opalite, hematite star, magnesite skull, gold plated headpins

VERSAILLES THIN BRACELET: gold plated oval chain, gold plated plastic spikes, gold plated headpins, gold plated lobster clasp, magnesite skulls, plastic flower, hematite star

ONEOFAKIND BRACELET:  suede leather tassel, gold plated chain, gold spikes

Stay curious.





THE LOOK: H&M // Top | Forever 21 // Shorts |  H&M // High Heels | Forever 21 // Sunglasses | Shanghai, China // Purse


16 thoughts on “BeBuddha Jewelry: Mixing Patterns

    • Jessica Nguyen says:

      Aw, thank you so much!! I’m really happy that you could understand how nervous I was choosing two strong prints to mix for one look! It’s a trend that I’m really enjoying now. 🙂

    • Jessica Nguyen says:

      Thank you so much! Yes, I just love how each piece is named after a place that inspired the jewelerymaker to make it. Also, that’s a really good question. I wonder as well. I guess you’ll have to wait around and see. 😉

      You can read more about her story here!

  1. MG says:

    This outfit is fabulous from head to toe. The jewelry is absolutely stunning. Above all, everything is modeled beautifully. Keep it up!!!

    • Jessica Nguyen says:

      Thank you, I am very humbled by your well worded compliments! They really pumped me up to better myself as a model! 😀

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