BeBuddha Jewelry: Good Girls Wear Spikes, Too

Erin Leary, Founder of BeBuddha Jewelry, used her travels all over the world as inspiration for her passion in making jewelry. She finds unique elements (beads, pendants, metals and rings, etcetera) in order to create beautiful jewelry pieces that you can’t find anywhere else!

I’ve collaborated with BeBuddha Jewelry in order to present you a very special blog post series. Each week, I will be matching a themed look with several of Erin Leary’s pieces.

For this outfit, I am wearing the BERLIN THICK NECKLACE and BRACELET. Be sure to check what kinds of stones each piece contains and what special meanings each stone holds.

IMG_0850 copy

Who says you can’t wear an all black outfit during the summer?

IMG_0849 copy

IMG_0851 copy

I’ve been itching to experiment with a darker and edgier look since forever. Thanks to the BeBuddha Jewelry’s BERLIN collection, I now can!

IMG_0889 copy

IMG_0896 copy

These original BERLIN THICK NECKLACE and BRACELET pieces are probably my current favorites from BeBuddha Jewelry. The necklace and necklace are designed to be simple and easy to wear, which means that they can be matched with any avant garde look that I want to try out!

IMG_0932 copy

Spikes are the epitomic definition of hardcore accessory without having to be too overbearing on the overall look.

IMG_0913 copy

Because I am wearing an all black outfit, the shiny gold really pops out, as it is one of the only few colors here.

IMG_0957 copy

Besides the jewelry, I also am in love with this bold, dark plum lipstick color. If you’re looking to add more than a little edge to your outfit, dark lipstick is the way to go.

IMG_0986 copy

I find that wearing dark lipstick feels just as empowering as putting on a classic red one, ha-ha!

IMG_1020 copy

IMG_1026 copy

What’s so great about this week’s features outfit is that I still can wear this early autumn – I just need to add several more layers!

IMG_1048 copy

IMG_1055 copy

Behind the scenes: Isn’t the scenery amazing? My photographer, Jessica, knows a co-worker who lives in this building and offered us entrance to the rooftop. I was really fortunate to be able to have my photo shoot there! I took advantage of my surroundings by wearing sunglasses that have mirror lenses to reflect the sky and urban scenery.


As you may know, I naturally have a baby face… so I do find it a very difficult – BUT super fun – challenge modeling in more serious settings. The edgier I have to be, the more often I wear shades, ha-ha (it’s a really useful trick!). There’s nothing wrong looking like a bada** with shades, but I’d love to improve my versatility as a model one day. Hopefully, you enjoy my “story” through these poses.

IMG_1015 copy


BERLIN THICK Necklace: gold plated spikes, gold plated chain, gold plated lobster Clasp, champagne crystal, hematite star

BERLIN THICK Bracelet: gold plated plastic spikes, gold plated magnetic sliding clasp, champagne crystals

Stay curious.





THE LOOK: H&M // Top | Pay // Shorts | Hongdae, Korea (my sister’s) // Platform Heels


14 thoughts on “BeBuddha Jewelry: Good Girls Wear Spikes, Too

  1. dannie54 says:

    Oh my god I LOVE everything about this look. Edge looks amazing on you. Erin’s jewelry is really highlighter with the all-black clothing. It really lets the spikes shine (I typed as I sat here in my spiky Be Buddha earrings). Seriously, this looks is so badass. I absolutely LOVE it.

    • Jessica Nguyen says:

      On my Buddha! This comment made my day, seriously. I have noticed pattern, though, from reading this comment: a lot of people prefer seeing me in more edgier looks than the sweet, innocent ones, ha-ha! I think I am going to experiment more with that in the future, lol! Anyway, this is probably one of my favorite photo shoots in a while. Would highly recommend people to buy the Berlin collection! Thank you, thank you again! ❤

    • Jessica Nguyen says:

      Oh my gosh! I would love to see how you pair spikes to your outfits one day! I bet you look awesome in them! Thank you, thank you! ❤

  2. Dave Goodlove says:

    Yes, the black and gold contrast is awesome. I love the plum red lipstick, too! Kudos to the photographer as well. Great shoot!! Thanks for sharing, Jess! I look forward to seeing much more like this. 🙂 Btw, as a writer, I follow fashion to see what’s hot and what’s not. Your blog is terrific! xx

    • Jessica Nguyen says:

      Thank you so much, girl! I love it tons, too. 🙂 And it’s definitely easy to emulate. Hope you find the right kind of spikes!

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