SELF-CARE: Palmetto Derma Eye Cream


When should I start using eye cream?

According to several of the sources that I’ve read online (click here, here, and here), it is never too early to start using eye cream! So, if you’re in your early twenties, you can start now.

As someone who is often the night owl, I am currently trying to make myself stick to a healthy sleep schedule, but sometimes it’s hard. Luckily, I have some eye cream to help reduce the puffiness and dark shadows around my eyes from all of those homework-filled, late nights.

The Palmetto Derma’s Retinol & Peptide Infused Lifting Eye Cream has been a current favorite beauty product of mine and I put it on every morning and night.

It was one of the free goodies that I received from attending the Simply Stylist Conference. A 0.5  fl. oz. container – which I got – costs $44 while a 1.0 fl. oz. costs $68. My container lasts for a while, though!

The eye cream is filled with peptides (or proteins), which will help reduce wrinkles. Meanwhile, the retinol in the cream will not only help smooth out wrinkles, but also improve skin texture and dark spots. Retinols are considered more potent because they stimulate the production of new collagen.

Besides the fact that this eye cream repairs and moisturizes the areas around my eyes, what I really like about this eye cream is the fruity scent – somehow it reminds me of lychees!

Bonus: you can use this all over your face, neck, and hands!

So, I’m just curious: how many of you have already started using eye cream? When did you start and which products have you been using?

* I was not sponsored to write about this post. I cannot 100% guarantee that the product will work for you.

Stay curious.




2 thoughts on “SELF-CARE: Palmetto Derma Eye Cream

  1. Sol says:

    I haven’t tried eye creams but this review makes me want to try it (plus the circles under my eyes are only getting darker as midterms approach). I have started to use a retinol night cream, though, and it seems to leave my skin more hydrated & even-toned.

    Loving your skin care posts! Keep me posted on other products you’re trying ❤

    • Jessica Nguyen says:

      Aww! It means a lot that you read and commented on this post! I didn’t know that you use eye cream either. The Palmetto Derma eye cream is organic AND vegan, so I think you will like it!

      I’ll definitely let you know some of the other products that I’m trying (in fact, one of them will be a skin care product again). Watch out for the latest posts. ❤

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