SELF-CARE: Watson’s Asian Facial Masks

As some of you may know, I am not a high maintenance person. My skincare routine is pretty basic and requires very few steps. If you’re like me in that way, maybe masks are for you, because all you need to do with them is to wear them for approximately 10-15 minutes (or however long the packaging suggests). Masks are supposed to be packed with nutrients for your skin, and there is variety of them.

Today, I will be reviewing some masks I bought in Shanghai. In fact, these masks are named after the health and beauty retail store chain where they’re currently being sold, Watson’s. (Watson’s is owned by The A.S. Watson Group, headquartered in Hong Kong).

I bought two different lines of face masks.


I bought these two in boxes, one labeled Chamomile Cooling & Softening and the other labeled Mung Bean Oil-Control & Refreshing. Since they’re the equivalent to a drugstore brand, you can expect Watson’s masks to be relatively cheaper than the non-Watson’s ones. If you want to try out Asian paper facial masks, I think Watson’s are great to start out with, since they come in boxes of 10 (which is a deal!). I have to say, the masks really smell like the flavors that they’re named after.

Personally, my sister and I found that both of these worked as they claimed to be. The scent of chamomile calmed me and after wearing the mask, I could feel the skin feeling a bit softer than before. Even my sister’s acne situation got a bit better after she wore the oil-control masks!


Watson’s Water360 Mineral Spring Brightening Masks comes in 5 per pack. Now, I am pretty skeptical towards mass that claim to have a skin brightening effect, so I am going to leave this up to your judgement. As for me, I didn’t see much of a difference between these masks versus the ones above. But my skin felt just as fresh and firm after washing off the essence.

The Good: What’s great about Watson’s masks is that you get a lot out of what you paid for them. The paper masks are basically overflowing in essence that even after 15-20 minutes, they’re still soaking wet. You can see some of the effects working, as they claimed to have on the packages. Overall, they’re hydrating and soothing.

The Bad: I find all of the masks to be a bit too big for my face, so they were a bit of a challenge trying to keep them on, even for a short period. They made me feel like I was trying out for The Blue Man Group (these masks come in blue by the way) because I felt like they were covering more than my face. Be careful not to let the essence ooze in your eye areas! Also, the essence has a sticky texture so make sure that you wash hands afterwards.

* I was not sponsored to write about this post. I cannot 100% guarantee that these products will work for you.

Good luck!

Stay curious.




14 thoughts on “SELF-CARE: Watson’s Asian Facial Masks

  1. Cher | cherthatdish says:

    Oh man I’m one of the laziest person when it comes to skincare, but I do pop on one of these masks every once in awhile (umm…yeah when it suddenly pops in my mind)… I am quite lucky to live in Taiwan where there’s a HUGE selection of affordable face masks and a Watsons at almost every corner. Yes yes, I must remember to take advantage of that XD

    By the way, HI JESS! I’ve missed you! One of my favorite stylists in the blogging community! It’s Cher from inthefoodlab, yes I’ve been gone for awhile, but now I’m back. I’ve given my blog a complete facelift (uh yeah I obviously spend more time on my blog than my face) and also a new name that’s means a much more to me. Anyway, I’m refollowing you on my new wordpress account 🙂

    • Jessica Nguyen says:

      Duuuuuude, you are so lucky to be in Taiwan! It’s not just the affordable face masks but the food, too! >.<

      Haha, and I'm one of your favorite stylists in the blogging community?! AW. ❤ Ooh! That sounds great! I will definitely check it out when I get the chance. 🙂 Congrats on the new facelift! Excited to see what you have in store!

  2. k sung says:

    I live in Beijing and bought a bunch of these but I’m confused because the packaging has a blue part and a white part… which do you use? How? I’m new to this stuff.

    • Jessica Nguyen says:

      I don’t separate the blue and white masks. I leave them together and have the part that’s covered with more essence/liquid touch my face; I think that’s the white layer. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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