How to be a Bada**

What does one need to do in order to be a fully certified badass?

1. Throw on some neutrals.
2. Put on red lipstick.
3. Put on shades.
4. Wear the look confidently.


A tight-fitting white mesh Topshop dress is definitely a show steal. I went on the classic route and accessorized the overall look with a a spunky pair of sunglasses, and a chic faux leather handbag with a chain strap. Can you tell how hung up I have been on the black and white movement lately? Remember this: neutrals never go out of style!


The timeless, brim wool hat adds a whimsical flair.



A leather jacket is the quintessential piece of badassery (even when you’re really not wearing it). Fact.

And to top off and add a punch to this hardcore look, I borrowed my sister’s gladiator heels (actually, I borrowed her jacket, too, so you can tell who really is the badass one between the two of us…).


Story of the day: I cannot tell you how many times I had gotten judging looks and awkward stares from people while wearing this outfit in the city. It made me feel uncomfortable to the point that I am pretty sure they’re some sort of passive forms of street harassment. I mean, it’s not like I’m dressed like a clown, right? Women are allowed to dress up and feel pretty for themselves without feeling uncomfortable, right?

Sorry, not sorry, but this is an issue that needs to be addressed more often. Why do we let the public eye influence what we wear?


On that note, I just wanted to let all of my fellow female readers know that you are not alone on this and that none of you should let this stop you from dressing however you want.


Do you want the truth? To me, dressing like a badass is more than wearing black leather and dark lipstick and especially, more than what I am wearing. What being a badass is all about is feeling comfortable in your own skin with whatever you wear. So, if you had to do any of the step from above, do number 4: work it!



A HUGE thank you to Johnny Nguyen of JNfinite Photography! It was really inspiring working with you! We were able to work out our super busy schedules to finish this beautiful photo shoot. To book a schedule with Johnny, please visit here for more information.


This is probably one of my favorite shots (simple because of the lights in the background, ha-ha).


Stay curious, love.





THE LOOK: Topshop // Dress | Forever 21 // Hat | Forever 21 // Sunglasses | T.J. Maxx // Leather Jacket | ROSS // Gladiator Heels // H&M | Blazer | Earrings // H&M | Bag // Shanghai, China


14 thoughts on “How to be a Bada**

    • Jessica Nguyen says:

      Thank you so much! Glad it was inspiring! Let me know if you have an idea and want me to write something specific. 🙂

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