Blogging: For Myself Versus for Others

Why did Curiosity in Style get a new look? Where is the blog heading?

It’s not difficult to notice that my blog posts are usually quite lengthy, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you did skim most of my writing or skipped to the photos of the latest entries. I can bet that the average word count here usually surpasses many other blogs.

My travel posts have a pretty personal touch to them as well, since I add a lot of names of people who you don’t know and details of moments that I only remember. Of course, for the average reader, these memories mean little to nothing to you, but for me, it’s sometimes hard to separate aspects of my private life from more publicly appropriate and entertaining content when I’ve been blogging only for myself for so many years (almost 9 years, in fact).

But nobody has the time or day to read my 500+ word count entries. So, I am aware that if I do want to keep my readers active and engaged , I need to be more concise and relevant to the public.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I am going to stop writing for myself (oh, the beauty of blogs set on private) nor does that mean there’s going to be a loss of my personal touch in future posts.

To me, blogging itself is a growing experience. My writing style may vary or change over time but as long as I have a medium to write with, I am going to continue writing. For myself and for all of you.

Curiosity in Style has become important enough in my life that wherever I go, I always think about how I can improve it, personalize it, make it more interesting, and etcetera. So, I know for a fact that the design and content of Curiosity in Style has experienced major changes and may continue doing so, because it is still in its premature phase. 

Heck, even I don’t know where I am going with this blog, because I don’t see becoming a full-time blogger as a goal of mine. All I know is that I enjoy what I am doing – even when I’m not looking to get anything out of this besides experience – and I hope that you as my reader will be open to coming along on this journey of mine. I will try my best not to confuse or overwhelm with you with the new content, ha-ha.

Stay curious.




4 thoughts on “Blogging: For Myself Versus for Others

    • Jessica Nguyen says:

      That’s really great to hear! 🙂 Yes, I totally agree. It’s all about doing what WE want to do for ourselves, not for others.

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