Crop Tops 24/7

With the summer heat on full blown, you can’t help but wonder whether you can wear crop tops 24/7. Fortunately, crop tops nowadays have become a main staple in everyone’s summer closet collection that it’s no longer an obstacle course to find the right pieces to match with them.

 1) If you are searching for your next daily casual outfit to wear, go basic. Pair a sleeveless, striped, halter crop top with some white high-waisted shorts. Don’t be afraid to play around with whites and soft pastels for a clean and crisp, summery look.

2) On an exciting night out, you will need a crop top with an edgy print (the more graphics and text it has, the better). Create a center of focus on the crop top by color blocking nude pieces surrounding it. Accent the ensemble with brightly- colored accessories. To amplify the bold look, experiment with chunky necklaces and chunky shoes.

3) For more special, elegant occasions, I would mix a simple-patterned top with flowy, loose-fitting trousers and maximize my accessories. Accessories are the petite details that will give the perfect, finishing touch to my sophisticated outfit.

You may have noticed that in a 3 outfits, I played it safe by pairing crop tops with high-waisted bottoms but if you are comfortable with showing a bit more skin, feel free to do so!

Stay curious.


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