CAREER: Tips on Committing to Your Blog

One of the most feared words of this generation is commitment. Don’t worry, it’s mine as well – even after I created my blog, I wasn’t sure whether I could follow through or not. But what I eventually realized is that if I really cared about what I was working on, the idea of committing to something isn’t so scary anymore. Here are some following tips for you to getting used to blog on a regular basis.

1. Create an incentive.
There were times when I would put off watching Friends and Bob’s Burgers for weeks for the sake of creating enough new blog content. But once I was all caught up with blogging, I marathoned TV shows like crazy!

Now, I am not saying you should deprive yourself from life’s littlest joys but this trick is perfect for someone who likes to work in long stretches. If you can’t write on a daily routine, then you should definitely find a longer period (like the weekend) where you can dedicate a huge chunk of your time blogging all of your ideas out. Since it can be challenging maintaining your focus that way, create incentives to boost our motivation – i.e. watching TV shows/movies, eating out, shopping (which can lead to new content for your blog as well), etc.

2. Set a regular schedule.
If you are someone who likes to live with a routine or enjoys having some structure in life, then I highly suggest thay you create a schedule. Whether you post daily (if you are, whoa, kudos for you), weekly, or biweekly, make sure you stick to the times you’ve laid out for your typing. When you are setting a schedule, you are conditioning yourself to commit. Sticking to a routine will allow you to stay on trend with the latest seasonal topics in the industry as well.

*I wouldn’t suggest posting more than every two weeks, because you want to keep your readers engaged to your blog. In fact, writing every two weeks is already pushing the limit.

3. Announce it to the world.
By letting others know how often you will be posting will make you accountable of your postings. Once you tell them, there’s no turning back. It’s the blogger’s code of honor, he-he.

4. Write drafts.
There are some people who like to finish everything they’ve started and if you are one of them, then there’s no better solution to helping you stay committed than writing rough drafts. Drafts keep your ideas alive and ready to be polished when you are more in writing mood.

*What I like to do is to write drafts on my Evernotes app on my phone just so that I can have access to them anywhere and anytime, especially during those long hours to and from work.

5. Collaborate first. Work on your own later.

 I’m usually someone who likes to have my posts written out before having my photos taken, because I think every outfit has to have a story behind it – if there is no story behind the clothing selections, there is no purpose in telling them.

Anyway, although I don’t use this strategy often, you can collaborate  with others on your photo shoots before writing about your OOTDs. By teaming up with others, you are holding yourself accountable to them as well as to your audience.  Since you don’t want to let your partners down after all of your hard work, you will feel more motivated to finish writing what you’ve started.

Hopefully, these tips will help you gradually become a successful blogger one day!

Stay curious.




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