CAREER: Networking @… ROOF Runway ft. Glossed and Found with TopShop

First of all, I would like to thank my new blogger friend, Dannie, for sharing me with this information of this show. After she learned that we’re both working in Chicago, we decided to try and meet up as soon as an opportunity arose – and that opportunity turned out to be the ROOF Runway featuring Glossed and Found with TopShop! Besides the TopShop collection that they were going to showcase, what incentivized me to go even more was that it took place in at theWit Hotel (a.k.a. ROOF on theWit).


On that same day, there was the Chicago Blackhawks Parade that passed by not too far where I am working. The parade was, of course, in celebration of its recent victory.


So, how are the Blackhawks related to the runway show, you may ask?  Well, the Blackhawk fans who basically came and took over The Roof. What was even more surprising was that when Dannie mentioned the runway show happening that night, the guards responded in complete confusion, having no idea about what she talked about.


In fact, I paid $21 ($18 for the drink + $3 tip) for the champagne when it was supposed to be free during the happy hour event. The free Moet and Chandon champagne did not come until a while after and when I heard about it, it was too late. #wutislife

Anyway, going to runway shows, I learned, were perfect opportunities to meet with other fashion bloggers. In fact, that was what I wanted to do when I heard about the event. After all, there’s nothing wrong about networking, meeting people who are working hard for the same passions as you have.

Honestly, happy hour went by quickly when you enjoyed it as much I as did, so when the runway show came surprised.

Below are many of the TopShop outfits.



The back on this black blouse is why I would buy it!


Cute and chic! I appreciate the side cut-outs on this dress. There needs to be more cut-out dresses like that!




I absolutely love this outfit! Its all-white ensemble is bold, especially if it includes ripped jeans. And the pop of red from the bag is on point.




For guys, wearing a blazer never fails, either with long pants or shorts.



The show was on for only twenty minutes, shorter than usual runway shows.  Not only that, there were Blackhawks fans everywhere as well! I couldn’t help but cracked up.


From left to right, Kayla, Dannie, me, Allie, and Julia

But the best part about this event was getting to meet really friendly and down-to-earth bloggers and businesswomen! It was my first time going on my own to meet new people in the fashion industry and thank Buddha, the conversations turned out not being awkward at all! We were all pretty chill people who just wanted to get to know each other better. Hopefully, future social events will be like this more!

Here’s a networking tip that I’d like to pass down from my many social experiences to people who have just started out: don’t feel pressured to talk all the time. Just let conversations flow and be yourself. If you have something to say, then say it. If you don’t, then don’t.

Stay curious.



P.S. I also want to thank my friends, Rosey and Kim, for picking me up because they were afraid of me going back home on my own! I am the luckiest when it comes to friends, I swear.


8 thoughts on “CAREER: Networking @… ROOF Runway ft. Glossed and Found with TopShop

  1. dannie54 says:

    I have no idea how I managed to miss this post but there you have it. I’m just finding it now.
    I love the review of the entire evening. It certainly wasn’t the most ideal event but we definitely made the most of it! It was really great to get to hang out with you as well as meet other bloggers. And we get to do the same on Saturday! I’m so excited!

    Thanks for the mention! You’re lovely. =]


    • Jessica Nguyen says:

      Ha-ha. Aww, I’m glad that you were able to read this post! So glad to have met you and your fiancee yesterday! All the best! 🙂

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