What to wear with red lipstick?


The red lipstick look, although it’s a bold choice, is still a classic go-to makeup trick for us gals. For a flawless look, I matched my red lips with a simple, classy outfit. I say, let the red be the big statement. I’m all for incorporating colors, but in this case, in order to not overpower my makeup, I wore a one-of-a-kind, intricately designed romper that stood out and spoke for itself in its own way, a.k.a in a not too ostentatious manner. If you’re going for the subtle, sexy look, be mindful of the cut of your simple attire; I, for one, love the daring cut-outs in the shoulder and collarbone areas of this romper. Remember, you’re going for stylish and sophisticated, not… the opposite (classy, not trashy!). For an extra layer, throw on a blazer to give it a clean, smart look.


For accessories, I carried a small handbag that acted as a convertible clutch. I also cinched a belt around my waistline – an utmost important necessity for a body-flattering effect.  Last but not least, these chic-looking stilettos were the perfect pair to create extra height and elegance to the look.

This look would be absolutely perfect for a fancy date night out, (like anywhere near The Bund or in Xintiandi in Shanghai – sniff, sniff). These photos were taken in when I was still in Shanghai.


To tell you the truth, I originally never was the person who wears red lipstick to go out, because as weird as it may sound, I didn’t want to come off as someone who was… how should I say this? Desperate for attention?


But the word desperate is a bit of an overstretch. I mean, when you think about it… what’s wrong with wanting a little attention now and then? (Yes, I went there. Snap, snap, snap.) Practically, everyone I know does, and in fact, I think it’s healthy that we enjoy being in the spotlight from time to time.

As part of Generation Y, the generation that can’t live without social media, I understand that we can be a bit narcissistic sometimes but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t openly express the love and pride we hold for ourselves. It’s not like you want to make others jealous. Well, at least, it’s like that for me.


Likewise, when it comes down to it, everything I do for this blog is to not make others feel jealous at all. Wearing red lipstick and modeling for my blog are simply examples of how I show to the world that I feel comfortable and proud doing something beyond the ordinary. It’s about feeling comfortable expressing myself in my own skin and feeling satisfied to know that I have the free will to look however I want to look. If I want to go for a deeper meaning, I can argue that wearing red is symbolically equivalent to defying social conventions, so to add to that, does it not feel amazing to go against the norm in little ways at times like this?

(Yes, this all came from having some red tint on your lips.)


So, in other words, what does wearing a red lipstick means to me? Three words. Power to myself.


Here is a great mantra that I found recently online to end this post (repetitive, but still great):

“I got dressed this morning. For myself.
Put on eye liner. For myself.

Put on my favorite red lipstick. For myself.

Showed a bit of skin. For myself
I wanted to be beautiful. For myself.”

Hope you liked it.



P.S. My friend, Nu Ree, actually inspired me with this look because of her love for her red lipstick. We originally planned on having a photo shoot together but the plan fell through because of time conflicts, but this post is dedicated to you, Nu Ree! Thank you for the inspiration.


THE LOOK: Topshop // Lipstick | T.J. Maxx // Romper // Stilettos // H&M | Blazer // Macy’s | Earrings // H&M | Bag // Shanghai, China


22 thoughts on “RED.

    • Jessica Nguyen says:

      Aww, why thank you! I’ve just started experimenting with this color, actually, and I LOVE it. Red is such a self-empowering color. :O

  1. mws0 says:

    Great post! I really enjoyed the positive outlook on red lipstick. I am a lipstick lover myself especially of bold lipsticks (red being #1) and I am always asked “who are you trying to impress?” ….how about myself? A little red lipstick will take you a long way! 😉

    • Jessica Nguyen says:

      I’m so glad that you were able to relate! And YES. The person who you should be trying to impress first is yourself. Love that mindset of yours! 🙂

    • Jessica Nguyen says:

      Haha, aww! I am flattered. Thank you! Yes, I’ve been using my red lipstick more and more lately. It’s an addicting color! 🙂

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