SELF-CARE: BB Cream Newbie

I confess: not only do I need more work in my knowledge on fashion, I am kind of a newbie on make-up. In fact, my first make-up product was BB cream. Just recently, I bought the SKIN79 Super+ Beblesh Cream BB Cream (Gold Label). Luckily, I got it for under $10 on Amazon. After reading some positive reviews on it. I know I’m not the only one who has problems with her skin, but every person’s skin is different. I wanted to hide my acne markings – or at least fade them – and tone down my blemish. My choice on skin coverage was between foundation and BB cream. I’ve read that BB creams have been growing very popular in Asia and are already expanding to the Western regions, like the United States. So, I wanted to try it out solely because its claim for being a multipurpose cream. Besides, if I were to buy foundation, I would want to buy it from a high end brand. I feel that if I were to wear something on my face for the whole day, I would like to make sure that the quality would at least meet my expectations. I have an ugly history with my skin so I don’t think I am willing to risk experimenting between facial products. And a high end foundation costs a lot money… So BB cream it was!



My skin was very pale when I put the cream on, so you could imagine the surprised look on my face. I never realized how dark my skin was until that moment. Luckily, the cream oxidized after an hour or so, and it blended well with my skin. Although it blended well, I could still see the dark spots and scars from my acne so the coverage was not as effective as I hoped it to be. As for packaging, it’s definitely convenient to carry around. Personally, I think any liquid makeup product should be packaged in a pump so that applying cosmetics on my face could be a more sanitary routine. I do not think that this was the best BB cream. I felt like I even had some breakouts from wearing it due to the resulting dry skin of mine. I believe that it won’t work perfectly on everybody but at least, it will provide some coverage if you want some. All in all, I got what my money was worth.

Before it was oxidized:


After it was oxidized (you might not be able to see the cream but it’s there – see how well it blended in with my skin):


My rating: 3/5 stars


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