Hiatus Starting on Friday

Hello, readers!

Jess here. I’m sorry that I haven’t been making consistent posts (or that many fashion posts for that matter). I am aware that I’ve been absent for several long periods these past few months. With studying abroad in Shanghai and now interning in Chicago, I haven’t had much time to plan and write for Curiosity in Style.

So, my future plans for this blog will have to be postponed (again) and I apologize for not being as present like I promised to be! Sometimes, life happens, you know?

I will be shutting down the blog for a week or so, so that I can make the necessary changes for the website look.

Hope all of you are enjoying your summer vacation!




6 thoughts on “Hiatus Starting on Friday

    • Jessica Nguyen says:

      Yes, I am! We should totally catch up. Let me know when and where!

      Have you heard of the Simply Stylist conference happening in Chicago?

      • dannie54 says:

        Yes! I have and I’m going! I got a VIP ticket so I’ll be there the whole day. We should DEFINITELY meet up for that.
        In the meantime, what neighborhood are you in? Helpful in planning places to meet. I’m relatively mobile when I’m not bogged down with work.

      • Jessica Nguyen says:

        Yes! Definitely! I actually live in the burbs, ha-ha. But I work in West Loop!

        We can meet up at Union Station, ha-ha. That’s just a suggestion!

      • dannie54 says:

        Nothing wrong with the burbs! It’s cheaper, that’s for sure.
        Union could totally work for a coffee meet-up or whatever. and GORGEOUS if you want to take pictures there. And there’s plenty right around Union. So that totally works!
        Less so for the conference as both the hotel and I are right off the Red Line but we can figure that out when it gets closer.

      • Jessica Nguyen says:

        Yes! I will definitely let you know if we can team up and do some photo shoots together in the future! 🙂

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