Happy 1 Year!


I was looking back at my photos and could not believe how one year could fly by so quickly.

Honestly, would not have expected to be able to do so much on Curiosity in Style within these past 365 days. It started out as a side blog on Tumblr, where all of my friends of Facebook could check it out. Then, I decided to moved it to WordPress, where it’s been gaining more followers than I could ever imagined – and I honestly feel that this is still the beginning.

The more I worked on this blog, the more passionate I became about it. It started out as something that I wanted to do solely for myself, and now it’s become a huge part of life. So, to the people who are reading this, thank you. I know it may not be a big deal for you, but whenever you indicate to me that you’ve read it or like what I’m doing – whether from a Facebook like to a blog comment to verbal encouragement, you really make my day.

And that’s why I always try to make my posts as entertaining and authentic as possible for you.

SPECIAL THANKS TO MY FELLOW PHOTOGRAPHERS. Click on their names to see my collaborations with them!

Annarose L.: Exactly one year ago, I had my first photo shoot with Annarose, a very close friend of mine. Basically, I was having a quarter existential life crisis and decided to create a fashion blog for my own sake. I didn’t know who to ask to be my photographer, and thought that this idea was going to go down the drains. At my most hopeless moment, Annarose was there for me and offered her help when she heard about me ranting about it one day. And since then, we started taking  photos on an iPhone (later on during the semester, we would switch to the more professional Canon 60D – ho, ho) and would spend hours picking and editing them out, even when it was near midterm/finals periods! We were pretty intense for beginners. In fact, some of the outfits I wore in the beginning were quite simple (I’m still wearing those boots from the first shoot), but that was how Curiosity in Style began… and it WILL continue to grow (even when Internet is slow here in China). Thank you for teaming up with me and continuing to believe in me to this day. I look forward to seeing you back on campus this year!

Danielle Bracken: I am so grateful to be able to have you as a very good friend of mine as well as my guest photographer for two shoots. You never really signed up for the job (ha-ha), so that’s why I felt really glad that you were willing to be there for me when I needed a hand the most in Philly. You are awesome.

Yaoxi Li: You were so great to me – thank you for being my guest photographer! I had a really nice time getting to know you and I want to thank you for volunteering. It was first my first time posing in front of so many strangers who were staring

Ishmam Ahmed: First, I would like to thank my good friend, Jim, for referring me to him while I was staying in Philly for the summer. If you are ever in need of a talented a photographer in the Philly area, please get in touch with him. He’s very patient (I swear, we had so many retakes in Philly) and I see a lot of potential in him. I trust his taste in aesthetics so you should, too. Check out his website if you can!

Maggie Lachowicz of Of Magpies: If you’re wondering who took the beautiful photos on my layout, that would be Maggie. Maggie and I knew each other from high school and she is the greatest. She’s currently pursuing a freelance photographer and because we are from the same hometown, she was willing to take really nice photos of me and my sister last summer. Thank you so much! Your photos are still being put to good use! Check out her website if you can!

Jessenia Preciado: Besides being one of the reasons why college has been one of the best years of my life, she has been constantly been supportive with my blog for one whole fall semester last year. No one could’ve helped me like she did. Not only was she my photographer, she also acted as someone who I depended on for constructive feedback. Thank you for being so flexible with my schedule and taking such lovely photos, Jessenia! I really appreciated all of your time because I know that college can drive us crazy most of the time.

Tatiana Tarringer: Tati! Thank you for being so enthusiastic about my photo shoots! I just love how infectious your energy whenever I’m working  with a project with Jess. If there was a job that required one to help models pose, I think you would be perfect for it. Much thanks for being a guest photographer on Curiosity on Style!

Binh Chung: BB! I am satisfied to know that we were able to finally work on one project together. Now you can say that you’ve done everything you wanted to do by the time you graduate. I feel so touched knowing how much you wanted to work with me. Thank you so much for taking such beautiful photos! I am glad that you successfully completed my challenge for you, ha-ha.

Joanne Nguyen: To my dear sister/best friend, thank you for your continuous support for everything I have done. (I appreciate the fact that you always like my updates, ha-ha.) Seeing you pursuing singing as a passion have pushed me pursue mine. Gosh, I can write so much more, but I am going to leave it there. Thank you for the photography, spell-checking, comments, and many more! (Can’t wait to embark on new projects with you…)

Christina Bai: Girl, I just wanted to say thank you again for taking my photos in Sanya. You must really have loved me! You don’t know this but the photo shoot in Sanya meant a lot to me because the content that I wrote with it was a bit different from the others…

Jenny Hai: Thank you for volunteering to be part of Team Curiosity in Style! When you offered me your help on the first day we met, I felt like my prayers had been answered, ha-ha! No, seriously. I barely knew anyone in Shanghai at that time and was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to blog here, so your offer really meant a lot to me. I like the fact we were able to explore Shanghai while we’re worked on the shoots as well. I am so excited to still be collaborating with you and I hope that we’ll be able fit in a couple more projects before we leave! You have potential, Jenny.


This blog would not be what it is right now if I hadn’t so many people were reading it. So, once again, THANK YOU, READERS (gosh, this is probably the phrase of the year for me). I hope that Curiosity in Style, in some way or form, has helped inspire you to move forward and pursue your passions in life because I, for one, couldn’t be happier without it.

Looking forward to showing you more what I can do!




10 thoughts on “Happy 1 Year!

    • Jess Nguyen says:

      I know, right?! It’s really crazy! Sometimes, I find that I don’t even have time for myself, ha-ha! Thank you! 🙂

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