Three Shades of Gray

How do I mix different shades of gray?
Several months ago, mixing different shades of gray became the next biggest style trend (and I am pretty sure it’s not because of the hit series Fifty Shades of Grey). In terms of execution, layering different fabrics is key to maintaining a smooth, effortless look. For the grays, I picked a long peacoat, sequined cashmere sweater, and wool hat.


Rather than mixing the shades from head to toe, I mixed the grays from my torso upward – with the exception of the bottom half of my long coat, creating a more clean, cut, and sensible look. The less dramatic my ensemble is, the better. The sequins added the right touch of glamor and glitz without making the outfit seem overdone.


I think the lantern is bent now…


Sometimes I forget that I am in China because of places like Shanghai’s French Concession.  As you walk along the streets in The Concession, you will notice the sudden changes in the surrounding architecture – from modern to 20th century Chinese to, as the place’s name suggests, classical European.



If you go to Huaihai Road (淮海路), you will see some of the largest foreign luxury brand stores you’ve ever seen in your whole life. Besides Nanjing Road, Huahai Road is considered the other major shopping street in Shanghai.

Gucci. Versace. Prada. You know it.
As signs of spring begin to appear on and off the runways, I thought that this look would be perfect for the seasonal transition.


To prevent the look from coming off as another example for winter wear, I wore fewer layers on the bottom: a black, flowy knee-length accordion skirt and transparent black tights.
To add a bit of height to offset the length in the coat, I wore these black, attitude-packed platform shoes.
Because it was almost Chinese New Year, not many people were strolling on the streets that beautiful afternoon, which meant…

I looked like I was having a funny conversation with an invisible friend… 

You can say that every smile is a little bit different from one another…
… I was able to sneakily sit in at some of the outdoor cafes for some photos…


We also stopped by at a little macaroon shop called Ame Patisserie located on 淮海中路 1008号 (1008 Huahai Zhong Road). The stop was suggested by my dear friend, Tif. Click here for more of her great food reviews (many of them are from Shanghai).


Here’s a shout-out to Briona and Laura for coming along with me on the shoot. I really enjoyed their company and assistance during the pre-production process.


Last but not least, a huge thank you to Jenny Hai for the lovely photography!


See this face? It means that we had a satisfying shoot. Mission accomplished!
Hopefully, it won’t take me too long to update the next fashion post…




THE LOOK: Qi Pu Lu Mall (Shanghai) // Hat | H&M // Sweater // Qi Pu Lu Mall (Shanghai) // Dress Shirt | Forever 21 // Skirt | H&M // Tights | Qi Pu Lu Mall (Shanghai) // Creepers | Qi Pu Lu Mall (Shanghai) // Purse

22 thoughts on “Three Shades of Gray

  1. Queen Sylvia says:

    Quite a conversation you have there with your invisible friend, they must be really smart and intelligent to make you smile like that! 🙂 Maybe they complimented you on the lovely outfit.

    P.S. I would seriously kill and burn to get to that macaroon shop.

    • Jess Nguyen says:

      Actually, my friends were behind the camera! Ha-ha! But yes, we were probably talking about something funny.

      If you are ever in Shanghai, COME. 🙂

    • Jess Nguyen says:

      Ha-ha. I could see why you assumed so. After all, it’s not called the French Concession for nothing. Really love the mix of European architecture and touch of Asian flair here! 🙂

    • Jess Nguyen says:

      Thank you! I love it, too! I wear it a least once week for the past several weeks, haha – shows how much needed this piece is. I wouldn’t have expected a sequined sweater to play such a huge role in my closet until now!

  2. sincerelyaimee says:

    ive been wearing a lot of greys lately! thats probably because it’s been chilly here in nyc. cant wait to bust out all the bright colors when it gets warmer! i’m a fashion and fitness blogger! if you get a chance, come check out my blog. i’d really appreciate it!

    • Jess Nguyen says:

      Grays are so easy to match, so I think that’s why a lot of people tend to gravitate towards them to wear! Yes, I will definitely check it out when I get the chance. It’s cool that you do both fashion and fitness – well-rounded person here!

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