From Me to Yu

What is my fashion trick for travel in Shanghai in 30s and 40s weather? (What is a simple travel outfit if you’re abroad during the winter?)
Hello all!
I look like a hipster hitchhiker, don’t I?

Jess here, alive and well. (I have not gotten any stomach attack yet, which is good news. Exploring Shanghai has been draining the energy out of me that it’s been a challenge to muster up enough stamina to write a post. Not only have I been trying to adjust to my new environment, I also have been catching up on homework, exploring new places, making friends, and gathering material for my other blog and future travel series as well.

There were so many people near Yu Garden that day. Look at the heads!
So, how is Shanghai? If you haven’t read my other post yet, you should! But honestly, Shanghai is so full of life. It is similar to New York in the way that people and vehicles are constantly on the go here. The food is goddang delicious. And the weather? Let’s just say it’s better than where I come from back in The States.
When I came here, I only had two items to carry with me. My backpack and my check-in bag. No lie. Yes, it is possible to pack that much for four months. I love clothes but I also care about my well-being. As strong as I may be, I was not going to risk my health pulling another bag. Try to be economical with your space because you always can go shopping in a metropolitan city like Shanghai.
In terms of traveling, I think it’s very important to be as tactful with clothes as you can be. That means picking items that you can mix and match over and over without having others question whether you’ve done your laundry lately or not. TLDR: Pack light. Dress smart.
For me, there are four irreplaceable staple items that I have been wearing when I go out everyday. I am pretty sure that the people in my study abroad program can tell you what they are…
No fashion blog post is complete without a photo posing with a tree.
1. You will have to wear a heavy coat either most or all of the time. So, bring one thick coat – and only one, because you need as much space as you can for other items. This piece of outerwear should not only be reliably warm; its color should provide a visual base that you can use to coordinate with other pieces with ease. Earth-tone colors, like olive green, can complement a wide variety of palettes. Earth tones are practical to implement in daily wear and are the complete opposite of what some fashionistas call “loud.”
– I didn’t choose a black or gray peacoat simply because I see traveling as a more casual, laid-back occasion, and I thought that my Marc Andrew overcoat could reflect something of that nature.
– I chose a coat that went below my hips because extra coverage helps when you’re struggling to break through the winds and freezing air.


 2 + 3 ) The same applies with other important winter necessities, like hats and scarves. I tend to go for the darker, neutral colors since they are easier to match with my coat. Also, if you drop these small items on the floor, they won’t look as dirtied up (just make sure you throw them in the washing machine now and then).
4) Boots are made for combat in the weather and hence, the name “combat boots” (actually, that was made up – I really don’t know where the name comes from). I love the edgy feeling that these boots guarantee when I wear them.
5) The backpack is my go-to bag when I am traveling. It’s especially helpful when you’re walking for long distances and don’t want carry on only one of your shoulders. The best part about this backpack is that there is a thing flap that covers the zipper so it’s harder for pickpocketers to open my bag! Smart, huh?
Since the weather has been cool to chilly in Shanghai, I stay loyal to these basic four pieces while switching in and out sweaters and jeans. Convenient, right?
Hopefully, you found this post somewhat helpful!
I know that I may not be as fashionable as other bloggers/people in general but that doesn’t mean I am not just as passionate about fashion as they are. I am and will always be someone who likes to incorporate simplicity and comfort in her clothing.
HA-HA. Just had to add this photo. Just look at face – it reminds me of some sort of an advertisement. I really look like I am in a state of bliss trying out these candied hawthorn berries (冰糖葫蘆).
Let’s take a moment and appreciate the environment, shall we?
Where were we?: That Saturday, we went to Yu Garden (or Yu Yuan/豫园 – I laugh whenever someone calls it Yu Yuan Garden because “Yuan” actually means garden in Mandarin). It was first established in the 1500s during the Ming Dynasty. Since then, new areas  were added to The Garden, separated by “dragon walls.” Honestly, I had no idea which hall was which and which chamber was which. I just thought it was a perfect day to appreciate the ponds, bridges, rockeries and living goldfish.
IMG_1393 IMG_1331 IMG_1369 IMG_1368 IMG_1363 IMG_1437 IMG_1439 IMG_1425 IMG_1442 IMG_1377
Right after that, we got tea at a nearby teahouse. Yum! I’ve been to cafes but never to a teahouse. There’s a first time for everything.IMG_1454A HUGE THANK YOU TO JENNY for all of your lovely photography! I would not know who else would help me. Jenny actually offered me her help the first time I mentioned my blog, so I am very grateful to have her on my team. Looking forward to see our new projects together!



Until next time!






THE LOOK: Forever 21 // Hat | Visionworks // Eyeglasses // Forever 21// Scarf | T.J. Maxx // Sweater | H&M // Jeans | Forever 21 // Combat Boots | ROSS // Backpack

11 thoughts on “From Me to Yu

  1. A Slice of Kate says:

    Beautiful! I love your blog – and I absolutely love that you show simpler looks (sometimes the overly complicated ones just aren’t realistic 😉 )

    • Jess Nguyen says:

      Thank you, love! I absolutely adore your looks as well! I see them quite often when I scroll down my dashboard, haha. Keep up with the awesome blogging! And your comment about simpler looks? I 100% agree! 🙂

    • Jess Nguyen says:

      Thank you, thank you! Yes, I am loving my time here in Shanghai. There’ just so much to do and see and blog about, ha-ha. It’s cool to know that there are other WordPress bloggers out there experiencing the same things I am experiencing.

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