Sweater Sophisticated

With winter here, I have decided to dedicate a series for the sweaters that I will wear for the season. Basically, I will write a little something on what makes each of my sweaters so special.


What would I wear for a Christmas family reunion?


I look like I tasted something funky from my cup.

As you can tell, I am not big on patterned sweaters – or anything patterned, really – even though I should be since they are actually fun to wear. Besides the traditional hand-knit ugly sweaters that you often see grannies and aunties give to their children on TV, non-Christmas patterned sweaters also can speak a lot about the wearer’s personality. Even if they don’t have snowflakes or elves on them, these sweaters can be just as festive as you want them to be. They’re just more for people older than 15 years…


What’s funny is that I had nothing in that cup… 

The sweater itself screams sophistication. Both the V-neck and pattern add a mature charm to the sweater, and because wearing a sweater was not warm enough according to where I’m living, I wore a clean, white tailored shirt underneath. Nothing more like a classic collared shirt + v-neck sweater look.


I honestly don’t think I would hold the cup against my cheek if it was filled with hot tea or coffee…


… unless I am that good at acting.

Apparently, when I was little, I used to be made fun of by my somewhat “mature taste in clothing…” Hey, who said you’re too old for a collared blouse?

If you are not used to the preppy flair that the collar sometimes gives off,  you can choose not to wear a collared top under it. Forgoing pieces can make your look just as sophisticated, believe it or not.


When I wear this sweater, I picture myself drinking tea while sitting on couch that’s furnished in a wooden cabin. And yes, it has to be in a wooden cabin.


I apologize for the lighting. I did edit these photos because I wanted to make them as visible as possible for you. Any tips on how I can make my photos look brighter when natural lighting isn’t as accessible during the wintertime?

Personally, I think that the edits added a more homely touch to all of the shots. The brightening added a nice glow in the background – “holiday-like,” I might say.


This photo would be perfect for a Christmas card. If you and your family like to take photos of yourselves and send them to loved ones, try this pose! Ha-ha.

On a side note, I am so glad that I’m at home celebrating the holidays with the family now. I’m just going to relax and take in all of the beautiful lights.

photo 1


photo 2

A store display from a store downtown.

Happy holidays, everyone. Have fun. Stay safe. Drink tea.



Eddie Bauer // Patterned Sweater | Cotton Express // Collared Top | H&M // Black Jeans

HAIR AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY JOANNE NGUYEN (except for the last two photos – they were done by me)


17 thoughts on “Sweater Sophisticated

  1. Nadine says:

    I love this look! People often say that I always look too formal, don’t dress like a teenager or that I am trying too hard when in reality it’s just my style. 😀 I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! 🙂

    • Jess Nguyen says:

      I totally get you! I think your style is great. 🙂 I realized that what’s more important is to listen to ourselves, no matter what others say. After all, we shouldn’t be dressing for others.

      • Nadine says:

        Thank you! Yes, I agree whole-heartedly. It’s impossible to feel comfortable in an outfit that doesn’t fit with your style in some way.

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