My Current State of Mind

“Half of me wants to stay right where I am, in this stressful place because it’s all that I know. There’s something comforting in daily routine and sameness. Like perhaps everything isn’t as bad as it appears, that maybe these things just take time to fix themselves. The other half wants me to leave and never come back, to forget everything about this place that I call home and settle somewhere else. Somewhere where no one knows me and I can live as I please without any questions or criticism.”


I can’t help but wonder whether anyone else is in the same boat as me.


4 thoughts on “My Current State of Mind

  1. dannie54 says:

    Oh this is definitely me. I just finished a Master’s degree in a field that I’m only about 25% happy in (the other 75% is panic attacks, stress, and anger) but i keep looking for jobs in the field because it’s what I know. And I have no idea how to start over. But I also want to say screw it and start in a completely new field where I have zero experience and see if i sink or if i swim. It’s refreshing to know I’m not alone!

    • Jess Nguyen says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. It meant a lot to see that you took the time to write it. It sounds like you have been on a very long, tiring journey. You need a break, haha!

      Honestly, I think you willl end up okay, whichever path you choose (got to remember to tell myself that, too!). I wish you the best of luck! What I often say to others: do what you want because you have one life to live. 🙂 Hope to share my story with you as well. Look out for the post titled “Crossroads!”

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