Denim + Leather


What is the quintessential look of bada** fall fashion?

In my opinion, any look that involves denim and leather is a classic go-to for the October weather (but once again, don’t forget your choice of outerwear!). Fall weather basically toughens you up for the winter frost, so why not be punny and go for the “tough,” edgy look?


I feel like one of those kids who skip school all the time, sitting on rocks instead of doing homework.


Too cool for school (not really – I just took a 2 week break from blogging to study forย midterms)!





I took a fashion risk by wearing leather tights so that from my waist down, they were a tight fit. I didn’t want my body to look too tight and restricted by just wearing a t-shirt and tights so an over-size denim vest quickly solved the problem, adding more volume to the top half of my body. To top off the edgy look, I wore the three accessories that scream “casual” and the “I-don’t-care attitude”: beanie hat, shades, and booties.


I believe that if you don’t want people to approach you, then you need to wear shades. Compare the photo above with…


… this photo. See the difference? My eyes just can’t seem to intimidate people at a glance.

Keeping in mind of the chilly breeze settling in my area, I threw on a light wool coat that my bada** friend, Linh, gave me. Not only did it allow me to stay warm, it matched with everything I wore. Since gray is a neutral color, it can be matched with many of my more colorful pieces. That’s probably why I own too many gray-colored pieces in my closet…


You may think that it’s comfortable to sit on this rock.


But it’s not.



I should be in Breaking Bad.



Fashion fall tip: I learned that it’s easier to wear fashionably when you layer because in addition to having more options to select from, you’re also keeping youself comfortable and prepared for climate changes.


I also made a new friend that day.

All in all, this outfit is pretty basic and easy to put together on your own. Keep warm and stay cool!



The Look:
Levi’s Denim Vest
H&M Striped T-Shirt
Forever 21 Leather Tights
EXPRESS High-heeled Booties
H&M Shades
Forever 21 Beanie Hat



23 thoughts on “Denim + Leather

    • maddiethemermaid says:

      I loved every bit of this post! I feel like our blogs have similarities and maybe you want to check mine out? If you do I would always be open to mentioning your blog if you would want to do the same to get our names out more:) just let me know! Keep up the great posts

      • Jess Nguyen says:

        Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚ I will keep your offer in mind for the future if an interesting partnership project comes up.

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