Autumn Findings


What would I wear when I want to go on my little, random adventures (even when autumn is settling in quickly)?


The colors of the leaves are changing. Props to Jessenia for the photography!


I promise you that I was sitting on something.


It does seem like I’m sitting on an invisible chair, does it?

One of my favorite parts about going on these photo shoots is discovering new places, places where I wouldn’t have paid much attention to if there was not a need for a change of location. If you know me, I’m always, always up for some exploring either alone or with my friends. Taking my time and seeing the beauty behind my new discoveries allow me to appreciate my environment much more than before.


To the left!


To the right!


On a walk with one of my friends, I noticed the back side of some of the buildings downtown, and couldn’t help but notice the discolored brick walls, overgrown plants, and blocked fire escape stairs that you would often see behind old city apartments. As sketchy as I made the potential photo shoot location seem like, the place gave off a tiny feeling of nostalgia. At that time, I felt like I could not imagine a better place to be.


I have no idea where this door leads to.


But I’m going to lean on it as if I know where it does.

What surprised me was that my chosen location turned out to be actually one section of a long, hilly alley. I swear, this alley reminded me of an alley that you could find in Chicago or New York. And the best part about the alley? All the food smells from the back of the restaurant buildings.


To the left (again)!


To the right (again)!


With school starting already, I felt the need to kick off a new year by bringing back knee high socks, a trend that has been brought back from the ’80’s. There’s something about wearing knee high socks that immediately puts me in a playful spirit – perfect for my mini adventures! This quirky pair of legwear will help transition you to chillier weather without having to stop wearing skirts or shorts. In other words, they are perfect for fall wear.


Another classic American movie reference: do these socks not remind you of Cher from Clueless when she’s walking (strutting) down the hallways with her clique?

Finally, on our way back, I found a small bookstore in my college town and as crazy as it sounded, decided to come in for some shoots! Oh, what I would do for my blog… To me, bookstores always seem to have a certain irresistable charm to them.


I actually climb on chairs all the time so this is a pretty normal pose for me.


The book that I’m skimming (or pretending to read) is The Adventures of Sherlock Homes. I’ve been meaning to read the series in a while. Is anyone a fan? 


No lie, I was going to title this post as “Hipster Cool” but decided against it – which was probably a wise decision…


With my crochet beret, vintage button down shirt, and knee-highs, I felt like the epitomic definition of “hipster.”

Honestly, I did not expect a lot from this photo shoot, so when ideas came up to me as I naturally walked around downtown, I just went along with them. Their results were surprising and by the end of the day, I felt happy and satisfied with not only the photos but the little details that I noticed on my stroll.

So, my words of advice when you’re out and about on photo shoots: Discover something – anything – and breathe it all in.

The Look:
Kate Hill Button-Down T-Shirt (bought from Goodwill)
Forever 21 Leather Skirt
Forever 21 Knee-High Socks
Chinese Laundry Oxford Shoes (from ROSS)
Nine West Handbag
H&M Earrings
EXPRESS Leather Booties




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54 thoughts on “Autumn Findings

  1. Jeremy says:

    Hey! This is really cute vibe and truly endorse the use of knee highs for this season (and for any season for that matter). I love that you enjoy reading books too and intriguing choice you made by choosing Sherlock Holmes. I have also posted a little compliment on your Instagram and I now follow you! The vintage vibe is just perfect! Did you get good compliments from friends and passer-bys? Thanks for sharing your post and reading my comment in advance. Kindest wishes to you. (Do not forget to check out my Instagram too and join me at Chictopia).

    • Jess Nguyen says:

      Wow! What a long comment! Thank you so much! I did get compliments from my friends. I will check your sites out when I can.

    • Jess Nguyen says:

      Aww, thank you. That means a lot. Yes do try the knee high socks + skirts combo. You can mix and match pretty often, too!

  2. aqureshi89 says:

    Thank you for liking my first fashion blog post on! It was very exciting to see in my email that you had liked it! I didn’t know how to reply and say thank you – I’m very new to all this! so I thought I would leave a comment on here for you. I have just been looking at your blog, it is amazing 🙂

    • Jess Nguyen says:

      Thank you! I thought it was pretty creative, too. I decided to go to a book store just because I could see myself wearing this at one.

  3. Liz says:

    Jess, I love the pics with the alleys & brick buildings! They make a great backdrop to show off your outfit. I used to live in nyc and I loved it and miss it. Your pics brought back good memories! Liz (Crab & Goat)

    • Jess Nguyen says:

      I completely understand how you feel. Every time I go to NYC, I think of scenes like this. Glad it made you feel nostalgic. 🙂

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