Summer Lace


What occasion calls for lace?

Whether you are going to a formal gathering or a music concert, lace is appropriate for many settings.

Lace is more versatile than you think. In this post, I want to show you two approaches to styling with lace with my sister, Joanne, as this week’s special guest appearance!


I’ve noticed an interesting pattern in my poses… Here’s the one with the legs set apart.

1) The Look:
Sheer Lace Dress from T.J. Maxx
Light-Washed Denim Jacket
Pink & Pepper Wedges from ROSS
H&M Shades

The length and sheer fabric of this dress gives the look a very laid-back, bohemian vibe.


Here’s the one when I’m fixing a shoulder strap…

Light colors, like the cream color of my dress, truly keep the soft and feminine touch of lace.


The one when I look like I don’t care. Like, if the world’s going to end tomorrow, I would probably tilt my head like this and just let it do its job.

To make the look less ethereal-like but still effortless, I threw on a light-washed denim jacket because nothing says casual more than denim. If you are more on the flat-chested side like me, the denim jacket will work to your advantage. A jacket or any fitted to over-sized outerwear creates weight and brings shape to the upper half of my body, specifically my bare shoulders and torso.


And finally, the one with my back (because I’m cool like that). Triangle.



This is what I probably look like 95% of the time regardless of whether people are looking or not: completely lost in thought.

With summer coming to an end around the corner, the jacket is a perfect way to prepare for the incoming chilly winds.


SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE: This is my sister, Joanne. Different person. Same level of bada**ery.

2) The Look:
Black Lace A-Line Dress from T.J. Maxx
Platform Heels from Hongdae, Korea
Calvin Klein Purse

H&M Pearl Earrings
Black Hat

For the second look, I gave Joanne complete freedom over her wardrobe selection.

Doing a complete 360 of my look, she chose a short A-line dress in black lace fabric.


Look at this smile on her first photo shoot! Now, that is the smile every (future) model needs to succeed.


Don’t you love it when a background prop matches your outfit? Good lamp post.

The dress’s short length gives the wearer a more youthful appeal while reminding us that it still has a touch of elegance.


I’m not going to lie, I kept squealing out of joy whenever I saw her posing… It’s probably kind of difficult for her to “look serious” when I am starting my own Joanne fan club behind the scenes.

Black lace has a very mysterious, alluring aura but the hat and heels pull the look together into a beautiful, classy twist.

I wish more people in the States would wear them everyday in the summer on the sidewalks. Hats have a certain air to them when worn, you know?


A hat like this adds a timeless charm to the look.


I was really proud of my sister! She was such a natural at modeling. Every time she makes a pose like this, I get a little heart attack – she’s just a wonderful surprise! I hope to be able to work on some more projects with her in the future…

When writing about this look, I find myself imagining it ideal for drinks or lunch outside of a cafe, celebrating the last days of summer…


Unlike Joanne, I look like I’m about to beat someone up.


“You wanna go, punk?” “3 a.m. Parking lot. Bring your guys.”

Overall, we had a really fun time working on this photo shoot together! Huge thank yous to our wonderful and talented photographer, Maggie for the photos. She is a a freelance photographer and graphic designer who specializes in event and nature photography, poster design, and PR design. (Facebook)” Please check out her website if you’d like to see more of her work and read about her services!


Jess & Joanne



28 thoughts on “Summer Lace

  1. jodikayedwards says:

    This post is adorable! From top to boom, you and your sister are gorgeous! The locations and prop hehe are perfect! I really like the triangle detail on the back of your dress! The shot of you with the flower and lost in though is my favorite! Breathtaking! πŸ™‚

  2. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    Beautiful pictures!! You and your sister are so pretty!! πŸ™‚ I completely agree about lace as well – you can wear it with anything anytime ❀

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