Fashion Meets Finance: Be Fearless.

Working at an IB internship this summer, I find myself having to wear a different set of clothes from the one I usually wear on a day-to-day basis. Oftentimes, abiding the dress code means not having a lot of flexibility in apparel options.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t look great with what you already have…

What is the must-have piece for a woman who wants to make a big statement?



I wonder what I was looking at.


Funny or serious, you decide. Although it was meant to be a tough post, I had a hard time forcing myself not to laugh at it the first time I saw this on screen…

I cannot fathom going to work without having to wear a blazer. If you are working in finance, you will eventually need to buy one, even if you don’t need to wear it everyday. A blazer is the quick, easy (and many times, only) trick to pulling off a business formal look.

Blazers carry a long history for maintaining a professional atmosphere in the work environment. When you see them being worn at work, you know that serious business is about to get down.


What I love about blazers is that they have a knack for giving every outfit a sharper and cleaner edge – the classic look of a successful woman in finance.


I don’t think I can explain very much about this look, so let’s just say that the series wouldn’t be complete without it.


This pose reminds me of a matador’s. Toro, toro!


And that hair swoop, though.

Originally (note, originally), I wanted to end the mini series with this post to pay homage to women working in male-dominated industries. Let’s face the truth: not everyone was born with the privilege to wear a blazer at work. It is a right earned through hard work and perseverance.

Having worked in business and finance, I see that it can be tough being a woman sometimes when it comes to trying to relate to others on a personal level at work. When you’re spending a third of your lifetime working, you want to be able to feel like you fit in where you belong, right?

But I was lucky. I think the people at my internship did a great job trying to get to know me. I looked forward to lunchtime when we would steer our eyes away from the computer screens to eat and chat. Words of advice: take advantage of every opportunity that allows you to interact with other people at the workplace! The moments at lunch were some of my favorite moments at my internship.


Dang, so suave… Can I, like, star in an action movie, now?

After a while, I realized that the homage should be rightfully extended to all the working women out there, haha! Whether or not you want to work in finance like me, you are still working hard to achieve your goals and I think such efforts should be acknowledged and respected as well.

Well, this is the last post of my Fashion Meets Finance mini series. I hope you enjoyed and found it somewhat informative! If there are questions or any suggestions for my next project, feel free to comment/e-mail/message me!

I also really wanted to thank my photographer, Ishmam Ahmed, for being so accommodating and helpful with my blog. If you are interested in getting in touch with him for some photo shoots, please visit his website at!

Good luck to all of you with your career ambitions.



The Look:
Black Blazer
Forever 21 Dress Shirt
BCX Black Pants from Macy’s
H&M Shades
Nine West Heels


Location: 30th Street Station, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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