Fashion Meets Finance: Chic and Professional

Working at an IB internship this summer, I find myself having to wear a different set of clothes from the one I usually wear on a day-to-day basis. Oftentimes, abiding the dress code means not having a lot of flexibility in apparel options.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t look great with what you already have…

Is it possible to look classy in a black dress shirt without having to pair it with black pants?

Of course! What I adore about this outfit is how chic it looks.



As sleek as the black dress shirt may be, pairing it with black pants makes you look like you’re going to a funeral. Instead, try a gray or white skirt. Since I wanted to play on the safer side with this look, I picked gray (white would give the look a bolder feel), staying loyal to the look’s conservative theme.


Just posing on the stairs. Everybody does it. #nobigdeal

Although the black dress shirt had potential to be the central piece, I wanted to pull attention away from it. It’s true that you can wear all black – black pants, black blazer, etc. But where is the fun in that?


Can you tell how obsessed I am with these shades (and H&M)? It’s like the pair’s 100th cameo here.

While toning down the heavy presence of the black dress shirt, the lighter-colored skirt and nude shoes also add a feminine touch to the ensemble. Notice how each individual piece is lighter by color than the one above. This gradient pattern not only draws the eyes away from the black dress shirt but ensures that the shirt’s color isn’t weighing on the eyes too heavily.



I loved how wearing shades – one small accessory – makes a big difference. What is the definition of chic? A pair of shades.

REAL TALK: Whenever I am tired or not in the mood to talk to people (hey, everybody has those days, okay?),  I pop these babies (shades) out of my purse. They remind me what Meryl Streep would wear in Devil Wears Prada – or actually, more like Anna Wintour herself (who inspired the creation of Streep’s character).

They make the wearers seem a bit more unapproachable, because you can’t really see their eyes (“your eyes are the windows of your soul”). I believe that shades have the potential to fight off creeps, so they got my Jessica-approved sticker!

See? So, wearing all black isn’t the only way to come off as an intimidating person…

Have fun playing around with your dark-colored statement piece.



The Look:
Forever 21 Dress Shirt
H&M Shades
H&M Necklace

H&M Gray Skirt
Nude Shoes – Bare Feet Shoes
COACH purse


Location: UPenn, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


6 thoughts on “Fashion Meets Finance: Chic and Professional

  1. jodikayedwards says:

    Ohh that necklace!! Great job tying your style into your work! Haha you’re funny, I’ve always wanted to take some downtown street pictures but it’s just me and my camera so I know I would feel a little odd, just posing my this store, no big deal, everyone does it. 🙂 I re-wear stuff on my blog alllll the time. I upgrade it to my “signature” shoes, necklace, earrings etc.

    • Jess Nguyen says:

      Haha, thank you! I thought up the idea because I realized how hard it was to find work-related fashion blogs, so I tried working on a mini-series. 🙂 It can be silly posing in the streets but looking back, I am glad that I did it! It’s pretty funny remembering those moments, actually. Haha. Signature looks take a lot of shots – good for you, girl!

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