About Curiosity in Style

This is the question that everybody’s been waiting for…


Why Curiosity in Style?

Growing up, I was notorious for having the worst sense of style in my family. But that never stopped me from having a passion for fashion. All it took was for me to imagine what I could look like in 10 years (fabulous, obviously) to motivate myself into taking action.

My mentality was: I wanted to BE that woman but in order to do so, I have to ACT – and that was how my fashion blog came to life.


I looked like I had the greatest epiphany of my life, but the fact is…  it’s not so. Sorry to break it you, pal.

With a dash of motivation, I read up on the latest American fashion news. I familiarized myself with the terminology and subscribed to fashion blogs and Youtube channels. Not only that, I also paid more attention to the trends, what others wore, and thought up how I could integrate their tastes to mine. Basically, everything I did was for the sake of dressing better as I got older.

Presenting myself in a new light made me feel different on the inside. I became more confident and accepting of myself. When you learn to care for yourself on the outside, you come to see your full potential in life and appreciate it.

Always feeling the need to learn and improve myself has been an ongoing challenge, but it is my curiosity about the potential – like the good things happening from working on my blog – that gets me into believing in myself whenever my mind is set on a goal.

That comes around to why I decided to name my blog, Curiosity in Style.


At first, it seemed like a random structure to pose with, but I came to really like my photos with it (IT’S ART, YOU SEE). Thank you, Danielle!

Since I am a big fan of puns, Curiosity in Style came to be the perfect name because you can interpret it in two ways.

1. When you’re curious about fashion, you always want to keep yourself up to date – “in style.” In other words, your curiosity will always keep you updated on the latest trends (haha).

2. Your curiosity about whatever makes you feel passionate never grows old. In other words, your curiosity will always make things “in style” for you and that’s what’s most important.

The latter hits very close to home for me. It was out of my curiosity that drove me to develop my own sense of style, In fact, whenever I look back, you could see how much I’ve changed through the clothes I wear. I mean, this most likely happened to you, too, right? Everyone changes over time.

Then, knowing this, I wanted to create a blog for readers who might have had the same questions I had. I think what makes my blog so different is that I wouldn’t consider myself as a style expert. I am like you, still learning about myself and exploring the little things that make up me. Curiosity in Style is meant for people like you and me. This is where I share with you my personal journey on what I love about fashion and hope to aspire to be with it one day.


Here’s a typical Jessica Smile to end this post!

Now that you know why my blog is named what it is, I hope that you continue reading my posts and feel inspired to go out to the world and do what makes your heart go dum, dum, dum, crazy! After all, we have one chance to live the way we wanted it to be.


The Look:
Forever 21 Dress Shirt
H&M Bustier
Denim Jeans
H&M Shades
H&M Sunhat

Nine West Purse
Nude Flats from Bare Feet Shoes

All photography by Danielle B.

Location: near 30th Street Station, Philadelphia, PA


6 thoughts on “About Curiosity in Style

    • Jess Nguyen says:

      Aww, thank you! It means a lot to know that you’ve read this post. I think knowing the meaning behind the blog’s name is very important. I will definitely check out your Youtube and get back to you! 🙂

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