Pretty in Public?

I wish I looked that peaceful in college.

What kind of look would be inspired by the idea of a night stroll downtown?

Now, I am fully aware that these photos were taken during the day, and I did it on purpose for you get a better look at my outfit. Hopefully, I will have a shoot during the evening in the future (if that’s possible)!

While I was art gallery hopping during Philly’s First Friday, I found a floral top for $1 at The Cheshire Box’s stall, which inspired me to create this look! I love looking for great finds in unexpected places.

Notice how each piece affects the appearance of my body’s shape. While the long, flowy skirt hides much of the bottom half of my figure, the floral top accentuates the upper half, specifically my neck area and collarbones.

Also, can we just let our breaths taken away by the skirt for a minute? Look at how the light hits the skirt (another reason why I wanted to have a shoot during the day)…


Can’t help but look at the random guy in the background.


I know that this won’t be the last time I will be wearing it.

The length and sheer fabric of the skirt gives the look a mysterious yet romantic aura – perfect for a night out. I thought pairing it with a floral tank would add a fun, sweet touch.

I am a total H&M girl, even when it comes to accessories apparently! To tell you the truth, I rarely wear accessories, but I am becoming more open to them.


I would be the perfect hand model. Let’s be real: I’d make millions with these hands.

For this look, I picked simple, gold jewelry so that it wouldn’t detract your attention away from what really matters, the apparel.


Not going to lie. You definitely can see some insecurity in my eyes. The hand position was meant to be a playful gesture but with my eyes, it made my feeling of anxiety more apparent. To confess, the downside of posing in such a beautiful location like Rittenhouse Square is the people sitting and staring at whoever they please.

This shoot was very challenging for me, because it was my first time shooting in public. I don’t know how often fashion bloggers do this, but if there are some out there who do, I wonder how they even get enough courage to pose so naturally in front of strangers. I mean, I thought I looked like a crazy person walking all over The Square with my photographer chasing me around!


After posing for such a long time, though, I just started not caring what others thought about me anymore. I guess, not caring about being judged is a very important lesson that applies to more than just one situation… I realized that it was silly and pointless to feel anxious over others’ opinions, especially when mine only matters to the things I love to work on the most.

Overall, this photo shoot was a great learning experience for me.

I think the only concerning part of this ensemble is the pair of high heels. Usually, I am not one to wear heels on a stroll – especially a long one, but they do add the extra height my body needs from wearing a maxi skirt. Besides, there are women out there who can wear high heels all day long (how do you even do that?). Whoever knows the trick to this, please hit me up!


All that walking got my feet tired – just kidding! This was still during the beginning of the shoot…


No, but seriously… who invented these kinds of footwear? What if you really needed to go to the bathroom and had only 2 minutes to go?



The Look:
Silence + Noise top (originally from Urban Outfitters), bought at The Cheshire Box
Gracie Maxi Skirt
H&M Jewelry (Rings and Bracelet)

H&M Shades
Nine West Handbag

Nine West High Heels

All photography by Yaoxi L.

Location: Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, PA


10 thoughts on “Pretty in Public?

  1. jodikayedwards says:

    I couldn’t agree more! We have to learn to let go and not worry about being judged I dash in front of my camera all the time hehe, my neighbors are very used to it by now. I have a dress with a similar sheer bottom half. Love how you styled this! 🙂 xx

    • Jess Nguyen says:

      Love how you could relate to this. I do the same except it’s with people passing by in cars! I think courage is something all of us fashion bloggers have to build to succeed.

  2. dieuvu says:

    Hi Jess. Thanks for passing by my blog. I like yours! I adore many of your looks, including this one. I’ve never wore high heels with maxi skirt before but I think I’ll try 🙂 Curious to read more from you 🙂

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