Breathing in the Ocean

What would I wear to the beach if I forgot to bring my bathing suit?

The beach is beautiful, so dressing any less beautiful would be an insult to it.


Maybe it’s just me, though, since I don’t go to the beaches that often…


Going to the beach means I’ll be moving a lot and getting ambushed by the waves, so I picked something simple to wear. If you’re picking a dress, like me, keep it short and sweet.

Don’t wear anything fancy. Wearing something over the top will cause inconvenience to you. You may find yourself feeling afraid to have it ruined from the water and sand or suffocated by the layers of heat you may have put yourself under.


Er, I’m not fixing any bra straps…


Can you spot the Abercrombie & Fitch logo?


You probably can now.

Although growing up I didn’t wear many clothes from stores with logos imprinted on their clothing, I found myself feeling attached to this little, blue dress from Abercrombie & Fitch. I think it captures the fun, carefree spirit within me, haha. The logo is a little apparent but I am willing to overlook it. If you love the design enough, you can.

To prevent myself from getting a sunburn from a day’s worth of exposure to the rays, I decided to layer my dress with a lace top – once again, a light-weight piece that won’t make me sweat like crazy as the hours go by. Because it’s lace, I will still be able to catch the sea breeze.


Dang, look at that sexy back.



I had so much fun posing for this shoot! Love knowing that I can just be myself when my photos are being taken.

In order to protect myself, I wore both a sunhat (thank you, Joanne, for letting me borrowing it!) and shades. Got to love accessories that help complement the overall look. Oh, and don’t forget to bring sunscreen lotion!



The Look:
Abercrombie & Fitch Dress
American Eagle Lace Top
H&M Sunhat
H&M Shades
Bronze Pocket Watch Necklace from Amazon



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