Missing Spring

What would I wear with light-colored jeans?

I seem to be never content with the weather. Now that it’s summertime, I’m thinking back to the cooler days when the flowers were still in bloom. In memory of my favorite season, I decided to celebrate a mini Throwback Thursday with several photos of me with the magnolias.

To be honest, I originally wasn’t sure about positing this outfit on my blog, because it was very hard to pick out good photos of it.

If you were to see me wearing this in person, it would look great. But wearing light pink jeans can easily wash you out if you don’t capture them at the right angle and at the right moment.


For this photo shoot, I decided to pair my light pink jeans with a loose, white, silk top. The flowiness of the top added some volume to the upper half of the outfit, so that my body would not look out of equilibrium from the pastel bottoms.


The busy design of the top catches the eyes’ attention, so that they wouldn’t have to hover over the pants for too long.


The fact that my top matches the flowers is perfect. This was planned, really.

Zara Top
H&M Skinny Light Pink Jeans
Mulan Sandals
Bracelet painted by me.

All photography by Annarose L.




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