Feeling a Little Artsy

Hallo! Fun fact of the day: according to my friend and Google Translate, that is German for “hello.”

What would I wear on a beautiful, sunny day like this day?

I know that spring is here but as you can tell from my outfit, I just want summer weather to come already! The weather has been crazy these past months that I am craving for some stability – just sunny days, please.

It might have been a little cooler than I hoped it would be, so I just added some ripped tights for some light coverage. I’m not sure whether it made a difference or not but the tights gave the outfit a rebellious touch. They also made my legs look a bit longer, believe it or not.

The best thing is, if you don’t have ripped tights, you can always do a quick DIY and rip a pair of your black tights yourself in seconds. I did mine on accident…


I like how in this one, I got caught in an awkward pose. Hey, I was in the middle of laughing, okay?

It amused me when I realized how my almost monochromatic outfit contrasted the colorful mural, and since the sun was out, we got to play around with the lighting as well.


No one really poses under the staircase like this except for me… Let’s just pretend I was deep in thought about something.


This is the full view of the mural that my photographer friend found downtown – thank you, Annarose!


REAL TIME: As a model for my fashion blog, I am constantly telling myself to be proud and confident about my body, but I understand it can be difficult thinking that way – I used to bash on my thighs all the time (yes, I did).

Take it from someone who has had many years of worrying over the little, insignificant things: don’t waste your time focusing on them. They’re not worth the stress. If you want to work out and get your body in shape, that’s fine, but otherwise, don’t feel like it’s a must. You can’t compare yourself to magazine models because Photoshop will always be on their side.

Learn to accept yourself and move on. That is the one of the best ways to love your body, yourself.

On our way to the mural, we stopped by a food truck and decided to take some random photos with it.


Notice how my pose helps elongate my body in this photo. The camera’s position most likely contributed to this effect as well.


Mmm… milk… But wait. What’s that to the right?


“More than just Milk…” “Milk” is capitalized because it’s important, obviously.

Pft, I’m not laughing at a grammatical mistake at all…


I look like I’m about to say, “If you don’t like milk, drink a milkshake instead! Have a nice day.”

Tank Top – bought at one of NYC’s street markets
Distressed Frayed Denim Shorts
Ripped Black Tights
Forever 21 Black Combat Boots
Charlotte Russe Backpack
Charlotte Russe Aviators

All photography by Annarose L.




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