Back to Basics


What would I wear with my plain t-shirt and jeans combo?

One word: aviators!

I always thought it’d be impossible to find the perfect pair of shades for me, considering how round my face is. But that’s not the case at all. Don’t lost hope because you’ll eventually find that pair that will fit your face shape and it’ll be the best day of your life.

In my opinion, aviators can fit anybody’s. They’re big enough to cover your eyes (if they don’t, that would be a concern) but not too big to hide your whole face.


I don’t know what I was trying to do with my hands here…

Who says a t-shirt and jeans can’t make a difference on how you look? You wear it everyday but it doesn’t mean the outfit can’t make as big of an impact as any other, let’s say, your prom dress (okay, maybe it can’t but you get the idea).


As you can see here, I chose to wear this outfit along with a scarf as well. I don’t normally wear a scarf with anything short-sleeved so when I tried it for the first time, I was afraid that I might look preppy – not that preppy is bad but it wasn’t the look I was going for at that time. I wanted to make the scarf and t-shirt combo work in any outfit you wanted it to be. It turns out you can! You just have to pick the right colors and accessories.

I was aware that this outfit was very simple. Actually, I intentionally made it that way in order to focus the importance of accessories and shoes. In this case, I added the aviators, scar, and combat boots to create a more edgy, tomboy look.


I don’t know what I’m doing here but I look, awesome, right?

Charlotte Russe Aviators
Black Scarf – bought in NYC Chinatown
Ripped Jeans
Forever 21 Black Combat Boots

All photography by Annarose L.




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