Cool or Edgy?

What would I wear to go to a party (although I’ve only been to like, one in my whole life) or to a casual social event?


Technically, I would’ve gotten yelled at if someone had seen me climbing on this…

I decided to put on a skirt for a change, so this outfit does have a bit more of a feminine touch to it.

And yes, I did add some colors to my lip to contrast the black, white, gray colors. Bright and simple make-up is always a good way to make your monochromatic outfit “pop” out.

Overall, I love how versatile this outfit is, because you can wear it as is…


… or change it up to make it even more casual and appropriate for almost anywhere.


Although the denim jacket is often a main staple for edgy ensembles, throwing it on is also the simplest way to tone down the attention the outfit is getting.

A denim jacket can save many wardrobe problems (I swear, I would wear it all the time if I could), because it doesn’t have to come off as a statement piece. Personally, I think it gives off a more “cool” vibe than an “edgy” one. I read somewhere that the color blue has a cooling psychological effect whenever you see it…

BUT… if you really want to look like you’re about to kick some butt, throw on a black leather jacket!


It’s no lie that I feel like I can use some of what I learned from kickboxing or TKD while I’m wearing this…

Unlike the denim jacket, the leather jacket is always loud and proud. It is shameless of what it is: a fashion statement. If you want to be in the spotlight, then this jacket is for you!



The bonus is the hood!

Also, if you’re going out, remember to carry a small bag for convenience!


Denim Jacket – bought from an acquaintance
Leather Jacket – bought at T.J. Maxx

Banana Republic T-Shirt – ” Goodwill
Nine West Purse
Forever 21 Houndstooth Skirt
Forever 21 Black Combat Boots



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