“Let the Games Begin…”


What would I wear on a cool day (or when I’m trying to run away from a pack of mutant dogs)?

The next ensemble that I put together was very Hunger Games/Katniss-inspired. I intentionally wore pieces that were mostly earth-toned: greens, tans, and browns. That way, it would seem like I could blend in with the trees better – ho, ho, ho.

[Annarose: Now we’re more in nature!

Just like in The Hunger Games…]

You will not believe how many times I had to run in and out of trees just to get good shots. We probably took twenty of them and as you can see, ended up picking only one for the post.

After all, what’s wrong with getting captured in action when you’re modeling? Have you noticed how women are usually captured in motion only/mostly in sports and fitness related advertisements? I say, it’s time to defy gender norms!



It may not seem like it, but it was drizzling outside when we had our shooting. Luckily, I was dressed semi-prepared (I wouldn’t pick a jacket that has faux fur for any rainy weather).

As for the colors, I like that they made up a gradient effect for our eyes to take in as we look at the outfit from top to bottom. Some people believe that gradience is overrated, but I honestly don’t. As long as the colors more on the subtle side, then it should be fine, I think.

Weather-wise, the jacket is perfect for coverage and warmth in the spring and autumn. Can you call a sweater well-insulated? Because it was, especially after all of that running during the shoot!


I look like I’m up to no good – like a monkey. “Monkey see, monkey do?”

Cynthia Rowley Cream Sweather – gift
Black Scarf – bought at NYC Chinatown
Bearpaw – Boots

Bronze Pocket Watch Necklace – ” Amazon
GUESS Military Jacket
Forever 21 High-Rise Olive Green Jeans


This reminds me of the ending of The Breakfast Club when John raised his fist in the air in the middle of a football field. Anyone?


Look at me, world!

All photography by Annarose L.



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