Spring is Here!


Cool pose number one.

What is my current favorite outfit?

Spring is here – and so am I! I can’t believe I’m finally making a step forward here. I thought it was perfect timing, since you know, it’s the season of “new beginnings” and everything. Really looking forward to working with Annarose for the next few weeks and until the end of this semester. Boy, oh, boy, do we have a lot to do.

The person who I originally asked did not have enough time to fit my shootings in her schedule, so I had to push this project a little back until now. I just decided on a whim that this weekend would be perfect to work on our test shootings.


Cool pose numero dos.


“It’s like… I’m coming out into a new world (my tree could’ve been my home all this time)!”

Not really.

This outfit would be perfect to wear with a jacket or alone for the cool spring weather. It was probably around the 50s (degrees Fahrenheit) when we did the shootings outside. It’s not a very special outfit, but I love how deep the purple of my sweater was. It was also really cozy! I am really glad to have worn this outfit for my first photo post.


Always smile when you’re in front of the camera, even when you’re not really doing it for the camera. 😉


“Hey Tree, let me tell you my life story, okay?”

Nella Fantasia Denim Button-Down – bought at T.J. Maxx
Eddie Bauer Purple Sweater – ” Goodwill
Bronze Pocket Watch Necklace – ” Amazon
H&M Skinny Black Jeans
Forever 21 Black Combat Boots


My bling bling.

All photography by Annarose L.

I also seem to have a thing for pocket watch necklaces as well – will take better photos of it next time.



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