Never Wear Sweatpants Outside

Sometimes, I’ll take a walk outside and pay attention to what other people are wearing and I have to say, not many are wearing sweatpants – even on my college campus. Is it just my conscience telling me to stop being so complacent with my apparel choice on lazy days or are we, as a generation, becoming more fashion-conscious? Even on stressful days when students barely have the time to brush their teeth or sleep, they somehow still manage to find the time to dress themselves with flowy blouses and sleek pants. Not only that, rather than looking like the sleep-deprived, coffee addict college students they are, they look like confident and ambitious women who are ready to conquer the world in their new pair of Michael Kors. In other words, they look like they’re ready to join the rest of society, working in their professional attire.

Then, I look at myself. After a long, tough day working my brains off, I just want to throw myself on my bed and watch TV in, you know it, a pair of sweatpants.

To be frank, I think sweatpants that are twice my size – as comfy as they may be – are not what I’d choose to represent myself or my style. I’m not saying sweatpants are never appropriate to wear on the go. If they were, they shouldn’t have existed in the first place. In fact, I love sweatpants. They’re convenient, cozy, and not as tight as my everyday jeans.

What I’m trying to say is that because of the convenience that comes with wearing certain kinds of comfortable clothing, we oftentimes sell ourselves short when it comes to how we let ourselves appear in front of others. One day of sweats becomes two, then three, then five, and then two weeks later, you got yourself in a Sweatsception. You eventually forget your freedom to play with the rest of your wardrobe, much less touch it.

I understand that to some, it may not be as big of a deal. Wearing sweatpants everyday, that is. And it’s not. I’ve just come to realize that in my situation, wearing something that is simple and conventional like my grey sweatpants on a daily basis actually has a devastating psychological impact. I often find that I compare myself with others in a negative manner more often. “Why can’t I dress like that?” or “Why can’t I be as pretty as her?”

Do you know why? Well, it’s because I’ve stopped trying to express myself through clothing. I’ve stopped trying to make myself feel beautiful. All for what? Pure laziness? Everyone deserves to be beautiful but most of the time, you have to work hard for it.

It took me a while to detach myself from my old routine but once I got out of the loop, I made it my first rule to never wear sweatpants outside again. After all, in order to work in fashion, I got to live in style first.


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