A Late Bloomer’s Epiphany on Shoes

Shoes are important. They can make or break your outfit because they’re basically like another statement accessory. I never realized how important shoes were until I started getting tired from wearing sneakers everyday. That was when I was in high school and younger. Now, it was different. Seasons were changing so, it was important for me to find the right pair for the right weather.

Being the one out of the three women in the family who didn’t spend much time trying out shoes much less knowing which pair matched with which handbag, I had to start paying attention to what people were wearing when they were out and about. Obviously, I was like any other girl who was curious enough to look down and check at them heels – except I didn’t own any of those cute pairs.

That’s the thing about late bloomers, though. It’s not really that obvious if you are. It’s actually really easy to catch on with current trends and such. Nowadays, fashion has become such an international concept that anywhere you go, the information is accessible. Whether it’s through words of the wise or visuals behind store windows, fashion is everywhere.

What made it even easier for me was that I go to a women’s college. So, see? Going to a women’s college does have it benefits.

Since I’m home for the summer, I’ll be going out with my friends more often (or that’s what I hope to do). I should emphasize the “going out” part of the last sentence because it involves your feet, which would also mean shoes will be in the story.

For some reason, I wanted white shoes, knowing that it could get dirty from all the walking. I ended up getting Top Moda white lace flats. They made my feet look so small and delicate. What I love about this pair is that I can wear it on a formal or casual occasion. The pair also boosts the cute factor in any appropriate outfit.



Close-up on the lace detail of flats (Uploaded with ImageShack.us)

Tip: When it comes to flats, I usually ask for a half size larger than my normal shoe size. For me, I usually wear a 6.5 but the with exception for flats, I ask for a 7. That way I can leave some extra room for my feet to “breathe”. From my personal experience, my feet tend to hurt from wearing 6.5 flats for even after an hour because these pairs tend to just fit me. The lack of extra space restricts my toes, not allowing them to wiggle around as they please. Haha, wiggle. Such a funny word.

Since it was a buy one, get one 1/2 off sale at Mulan International Inc, I got another pair. This time, it was Top Moda black archer sandals. The flats cost $20 and the sandals cost $10 for me. As slow as I sounded, I never thought that wearing open toe shoes could be a 2-in-1 summer deal. I always thought that wearing open toe shoes was necessary because of the hot weather. I didn’t see that summer was probably the best time to show off those $50 pedicures. I guess it was because I usuallypaint my toe nails. So, when I did get nagged into getting one, I decided to show them off to the world.


(I apologize for the toeprints)




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