Starting Over: I’m Back!

So, I’ve decided to come back to this blog and give it another chance. This time, I’m promising myself that I’ll try not to see blogging as a job but rather, something that I’ve always wanted to do – especially now that I’m on summer vacation. Don’t get me wrong. I do like writing about what I’ve discovered but I don’t want my blog to just simply be about reviews, because honestly, I don’t think you want to get professional advice from me. Why? Let me tell you:

Growing up, I was never known as the fashionista of the house. I got teased at for picking out clothes that were more for women much older than me (note that this already started happening when I was around ten or so). I still remembered this one moment when I went shopping with my mom. We were at Limited Too (I think it’s now Justice Just for Girls) and my mom told me that I could pick one article of clothing for her to buy for me. I got really excited for a moment and at first, I did not have any idea what to pick. Somehow, my eyes fell upon this crinkly white semishirt with a dark purple vest over it. There was also this brooch pinned to the shirt. It looked very scholarly, indeed and at that time, I thought it would look cute on me. My mom, being the one who usually shopped for me when I cared more about books and video games than what I looked, was horrified at what I picked out that time. Her eyes were wide and her mouth just gave the finishing touch to her disgusted reaction. It would be the first of her horrified reactions at my selections.

It’s not like I am bitter about it. In fact, being the clueless girl who I was in fashion, listening to my mom’s critiques helped me learn a lot about what people liked and disliked, what kinds of people wear what types of clothing, which colors and styles were more for my age, and so much more. Now, it was not like I didn’t follow my heart. I just didn’t know how. I didn’t know what I wanted and what I didn’t. Instead of living through my girlhood with fashion magazines and trips to the shopping mall, I chose mine to be filled with imaginary adventures and opt-outs from the mall for Barnes and Noble instead. In other words, I didn’t know what it was like to look pretty or more importantly, to feel pretty. I didn’t know how to portray the me from the inside to the outside. So, it took me years to finally realize what that meant – and it’s still a work in progress.

Although I had dreamt of being a fashion designer since I was 9, I never saw myself as a fashionista. Heck, I still don’t see myself as one either. In fact, I feel like I just started learning about fashion and beauty even after watching all those YouTube gurus’ videos. Since high school, everyday I learn a little more about about my preferences in appearance, my potential to be a better person – inside and outside, and my vision of what it means to be a beautiful, confident girl.

By now, you should expect that this blog is not going to be your typical blog. I am not an expert but I do love writing about my opinions and experiences. I also love to share them and even hope that this blog may one day help you readers out there (yes, you). I also hope to write about fashion, of course, but to also include my opinions on health, beauty, and life overall as well. This blog is dedicated to the girls out there who are still on the same journey as mine, trying to find the right shoes that perfectly represent them.

Wish me luck and enjoy!



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