The Go-To Black “Pants”

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Image by H&M

Today’s trip to the mall wasn’t planned at all. I only had enough to pay for gas, much less go shopping. Still, we went on a limb. I felt bad not being able to drive far enough to participate on this day of worship but I didn’t want us to stay stuck inside because of that. My sister had been hunting for The Bag and I finally ended up buying a faux-leather cross body bag at Charlotte Russe for $18.50.

Now, it was my turn. I really didn’t intend to buy anything after my sister’s purchase but somehow after window-shopping in several stores, we stopped by H&M. Suddenly, I remembered the pair of black jeans that I didn’t want to buy on my last college shopping haul (I already felt bad enough for my mom already having to spend a lot for me). One thing I love about H&M is that its basic clothing items can say a lot when I wear them with more elaborate pieces and accessories because they will still have their modern chic flair – like its (black) skinny low jeans for only $9.95.

It was literally the last pair on the rack and I quickly snatched it for myself. Just in case, I decided to try it out in the fitting room (it is always better to try before buying when you have doubts no matter how much you hate doing it) and it fitted perfectly. It wasn’t too snug or too loose (my size was a 28/32). Best of all, the black jeans didn’t even look like black jeans. They just looked like your everyday pair of black pants. You could wear it in any formal or casual event; it really didn’t matter! You could even wear it to at your job or internship; it was Seventeen Style Pro Pick after all. Although it was a bit longer than I needed them to be, it was still a great, great deal!

If you want an authentic black pair of pants with the ideal quality and fit, you could look up the classy Drew Stretch Sateen Bootcut Pant from The Limited.  Several months ago, my mom bought me a similar ot the same kind black pant for future formal meetings and interviews. It cost around $40-60. I’ve read many positive reviews about it but personally for a teenager who will be going to college and being on a budget, I prefer H&M‘s jeans as my go-to black “pants”.

Another reason why I chose the jeans was the fit – it was a very comfortable fit by the way; I didn’t even want to take it off after putting it on in the room. When I wore my pant from The Limited or any other black pant, I always had this problem with the fit around my waist. The fit was usually a bit too loose but even a tiny difference would make it uncomfortable for me to wear it as it would slip below my waist little by little. Remember that fit is always important when it comes to bottoms because you can’t always hold them up with a belt, especially if you want to look professional with them black pants.

In the end, I decided to use some of my gas money to buy the jeans (hopefully, my mom won’t ask). I just know that it is a good deal because my sister couldn’t shut me up about it afterwards.


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